Are we a nation of bad cooks?

How many recipes can you prepare without a recipe book? Do you know your parsley from your paprika, your cayenne from your cardamom?

In a fast-paced world where our lives are seemingly overflowing with plans and commitments, more and more of us are deviating from the kitchen and seeking nutrients from the likes of fast food.

A study conducted by HelloFresh has revealed that the average Brit’s mental cookbook contains fewer than six meals. The survey highlighted that, despite unwavering confidence with baking a potato and boiling an egg, if we’re asked to slice something julienne we’re stumped.

If cooking skills aren’t a top priority for you, maybe they should be. It was reported that people in London are the most impressed by good cooking skills, more so than any other region of the UK. If cooking skills are held in such high regard, it’s surprising that many people steer clear of trying something new.

The fundamental issue is that people lack confidence in the kitchen. The fear of getting a recipe wrong was repeatedly selected as the reason for returning to old and tired recipes. However, with the accessibility of cooking classes, online tutorials and recipe box services, there are plenty of resources on hand to support the culinary challenged.

Perhaps it’s best to presume that we’re not a nation of bad cooks, but a nation of reluctant ones. If you’re keen to improve your culinary prowess, invest in a cookbook for beginners or indulge in a cooking class with friends. A number of studies have highlighted the health benefits of cooking, from making us happier, the nutritional value and even improving our confidence.

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