Kavka Vodka Launches In The UK

Drawing inspiration from the 18th and 19th century vodka production methods in Poland, newly launched KAVKA bucks the trend of multi-filtered, neutral-tasting vodka in favour of celebrating flavour and the true character of the spirit.

Depicting a striking jackdaw on the label which is the literal translation of ‘Kawka’ in Polish and also an expression for a small coffee. During the Polish prohibition, it was known for people to step out for a ‘Kawka’ or an illicit drink, usually vodka.

Kavka vodka is made at a small distillery in western Poland, with over 200 years of production behind it, Kavka is a blend of rye and wheat spirits to which small amounts of aged apple and plum spirits are added. Working with master distiller Urszula Wojcik, the end result is fine premium vodka with real taste, strong character and a discernible point of difference.





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