Dock Kitchen
'Everything Dock Kitchen does is cool.' We loved the charcoal-filtered water.

The Kitchenette Bar at Dock Kitchen

Open Fri and Sat 5.30pm–midnight

The style:

Everything Dock Kitchen does is cool. And they make it look like effortless, too. The Kitchenette bar, located below the Dock Kitchen and adjacent to Tom Dixon’s shop, has recently started serving cocktails and drinks as well as a small plates bar menu.

As there was a vague glimpse of sun last Saturday evening, girlfriend-in-need (of a good time) and I enjoyed our cocktails on the terrace.

The crowd:

It feels to me that there’s always a mix of Ladbroke Grove hipsters with wannabe west Londoners at Dock Kitchen. The mix seems to work well, probably because the team there has a non-pretentious air of ‘everything-goes’.

The food:

Girlfriend and I didn’t eat as we were on our way to review a new restaurant on Portobello Road. But we loved the touch of being brought a big bottle of water with a black stick inside. Everything Dock Kitchen does is cool.

The drinks:

Glancing at the old school classic cocktail menu, Girlfriend immediately pounced on the Sidecar (Cognac, Cointreau, lemon juice; £9). I was less decisive and asked Tom for a recommendation: French75 (gin, lemon, sugar, Champagne; £8.50) bubbled my way.

I drank cocktails at Dock Kitchen courtesy of Citty Kitty’s ( recently launched Privilege card (annual membership £250). The discounted cocktails (£5) at Dock Kitchen is one of their current offers.

The Kitchenette Bar at Dock Kitchen, 344 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10;; 020 8962 1610

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