Boujis nightclub
Boujis does not seem to 'accommodate those not willing to spend £500'


Open Mon–Sun 10pm–3am

The style:

It’s billed as one of the most prestigious and swanky places to go in west London. Entering the black glass doors and walking down the black staircase into the club you do feel as if they belong to an elite club; the low lighting and chic leather seating seem to provide the perfect back drop. However, the £10 entrance fee doesn’t buy you much. Unless you are at a table the club is extremely cramped: it does not seem to accommodate for those not willing to spend £500 for the privilege of sitting down. With the narrow smoking area and queues running back down the stairs, attempting to move around Boujis proves even more difficult. The recurring issue that seemed to aggravate guests even more was continually being asked to remain silent in the smoking area. The designers seem to have provided a visually spectacular environment without thinking about those who inhabit the space.

The crowd:

Boujis is a place to be seen. It’s filled with attractive well-dressed girls accompanying young well-paid professionals willing to part with excessive sums of money in order to impress. The main clientele seems to be aged around 21 to 24; the young privileged gap-year students and wealthy students home for the summer, particularly during the earlier part of the week.

The drinks:

The drinks, as you may guess, are extremely expensive: expect to pay £11 for a double vodka mixer. You are also hit with a service charge as well, even when ordering drinks from the bar. However, the bar is extremely well stocked and you can order almost anything you desire – as long as you can afford it.

The music:

The DJs are extremely good, providing an eclectic blend of electro and crowd favourites. The DJ sets usually encompass music from all eras, while putting their own individual modern stamp upon it but there’s little space on the dancefloor.

Boujis, 43 Thurloe Street, London, SW7;

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