Would Kate Beckinsale be the Perfect Casting Choice for a Jane Bond Film?

There has long been talk about the potential of a Jane Bond spinoff of the hugely popular James Bond series from Eon Productions. Many purists believe that it would taint the image of the spy films, but others attest that it would add to the franchise. The modern model of hit movies is to branch out into spinoffs and related content within a wider universe, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it went ahead.

The question is, who would be the perfect casting choice for the character? Some would say that London-born Kate Beckinsale would be an ideal Jane Bond.

Jane Bond Could be a Surprise Hit

There’s a greater chance that a Jane Bond release would be a success now than it would have been if it had come out 20 years ago. Since the turn of the millennium, there have been various popular pictures that have featured all-female cast members, including reboots of past classics. For example, the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters featured Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones in the main roles, and it was a refreshing twist on the old formula.

Modern viewers are also used to enjoying their favourite franchises across multiple platforms and in new ways. For example, many of the most popular series and films come with related games and other media nowadays to cement their status in popular culture further. The interesting thing is that there are already some Jane Bond games that could help boost the fortunes of a potential picture. This is especially the case within the online casino industry. At MrQ Casino UK, for example, players have the chance to play their online slots, Agent Jane Blonde and Agent Jane Blonde Returns. The fact that there was a sequel highlights how popular the first offering was and suggests that many people could be interested in a film.

London-Based Beckinsale Fits the Bill

When thinking of actors who could potentially play Jane Bond, there are a few facets that they would have to possess to align themselves with the character. For example, they would have to be good-looking, middle-aged, and well-spoken. They should also be experienced in action-based roles, as playing the part of an MI6 spy would be physically demanding.

Beckinsale ticks all the boxes here, and the attractive 49-year-old London-born star was educated at New College, Oxford. She also has a history of playing heroine roles in the Underworld film series and Van Helsing. Beckinsale has been busy recently and is set to appear in El Tonto, Prisoner’s Daughter, and Canary Black in the near future. These parts will put her in the shop window and remind Hollywood producers that she could be the ideal option for any future Jane Bond projects.

Beckinsale is on Time Out’s list of the greatest British actors, and it would seem fitting if she took on such a prestigious part. However, there are a few other actors who could also be great as Jane Bond if the film ever came to fruition. For instance, Lashana Lynch or Emilia Clarke would be excellent options.

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