Winter Fashion Essentials for Women

As far as winter fashion essentials go, nothing makes more of a statement than jackets and coats. Whether long or short, a vibrant color or all-black, the outerwear you choose makes a big impact on your style and your comfort during the coldest months.

Here is a list of accessories and fashionable jackets & coats for women to keep them warm all winter along:


Shorter jackets like peacoats are great to wear for between seasons. Choose from warmer coats made from a wool or wool-blend material and cotton coats you can wear when the frost isn’t an issue.

Trench coat

Trench coats are fantastic for everyday wear because of their classic style paired with a waist-slimming belt. To boost the versatility of your coat during winter, some coats feature a sewn in or removable fleece, wool or other liner made of warmer material.

If you’re divided on which color trench coat to get, traditional colors like black and khaki are timeliness. According to ELLE UK, the classic double-breasted trench coat in khaki is optimal for transitioning from autumn to winter.

If you don’t want to go with a classic coat, choose one with patterns. The popular women’s magazine recommended trench coats with plaid and checkered patterns to stand out from the list of solid color coats.

To provide color and contrast, you can also switch out your matching belt with a different one, such as wearing a red belt with a black coat.

Duster coats

To keep you covered from head to toe, pair a duster coat with your winter accessories. A duster coat is typically categorised as outwear that falls below the knees. The long length of the coat ensures your legs are warmer than a shorter coat like a peacoat.

Glamour UK posted a picture of German model Caroline Daur wearing a white duster coat at a fashion show in Milan. She wore a white blouse, pants, shoes and carried a matching hand-bag for her all-white ensemble.

Waterproof coats

For especially wet winters, wear a waterproof coat to stay dry during rain and snow. Bonus if your waterproof coat includes a hood to keep your head dry.

Use thin layers like a jumper over your blouse to provide better insulation under your coat. In the same feature on winter outfits, Glamour took photos of Olivia Palermo layering a purple cardigan underneath her checked coat during a cold, rainy day.

Puffer jackets and coats

Another fashionable choice for winter is a puffer jacket or coat. While some fashionistas scoff at this type of outerwear for its bulky look compared to a slimming effect of a trench coat, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with a puffer coat.

Puffer jackets and coats help with body insulation because they are made usually made with down feathers or down alternatives. Use a puffer coat along with a hood lined with a soft and warm material like fake fur.

No outfit is complete with the right accessories. These accessories that amplify the color or look of your outfit to make a statement about your personal style:

Hat and gloves

No winter outfit is complete without accessories like a stylish hat and gloves. Choose between knit hats that offer a chic look or hats made from material like fleece to keep your head and ears warm from the whipping winter wind.

Warm yet functional, thermal gloves made to use with mobile phone touch screens are the perfect choice to avoid frozen fingers during the cold weather. You can also choose mittens that are more effective at keeping your hands warm.

Or get the best of both worlds with a convertible glove to mitten accessory. The dual purpose glove lets you switch from fingerless gloves for warmer weather to mittens during colder temperatures.


Make a fashion statement with an easy accessory like a scarf. Select bold colors like bright red or blue to contrast with your coat. You can tie your scarf in different ways, like a Parisian Knot, to make an even bigger statement.


From riding boots to ankle boots, your shoes offer function and style when combined with your winter outfit. Pick taller knee or thigh-high boots to ensure your legs are warm while ankle boots are perfect for the transition out of colder months to wear into spring.

When living during an especially cold and rainy season, ensure your boots are waterproof to prevent your feet from getting wet. Boots that have great traction are also perfect for icy weather to avoid slips and falls.

With the colder weather upon us, winter fashion doesn’t have to be drab and boring. Take your style to the next level with these fashionable women’s coats and jackets. When paired with the right winter accessories, you’ll be warm and stylish with ease.

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