Why Tears Are Good for Health: Top-10 Reasons

Even though the first thing we do when we see a loved one cry is to try to calm him or her down. Several reasons show that sometimes letting a friend cry on your shoulder is good for his health. We live with emotions, and we are used to acknowledging other people’s feelings so that they recognize ours.

We rely on our emotions in any environment: at home, at work, or school. And it’s normal for us to react when our feelings are threatened. It also includes tears. So, crying is good for our health, but how?

Top 10 Reasons Why Tears Are Good for Health

Here are 10 reasons why crying is good for human health:

1- Relieve Stress

We have all felt the effects of stress that negatively affect our physical and emotional health. When we are under stress, various chemicals build up in our bodies that badly affect mood throughout the day. When we cry, we release these chemicals, which allow us to instantly relax.

So the next time your stress levels get unbearably high let your body cry. There is no need to hide your emotions in such a state. The sooner you let these emotions out, the quicker you will be able to relax.

2- Reduce Blood Pressure

It turns out that tears can lower blood pressure and heart rate in those who are angry or under stress. Biologically active substances released during stress dilate the pupils, raise the heart rate, and constrict blood vessels.
It increases the blood pressure and prepares the body for danger. Crying eliminates stress and reduces blood pressure on the vessels. Therefore, the blood circulates in the body at normal pressure.

3- Eliminate Anxiety

Tears release those emotions that make us feel especially bad. Consequently, we are instantly freed from this burden and are again ready to face problems face to face. Therefore, whenever you feel like you are unable to control your emotions let them out in the form of tears.

Women have anxiety problems twice than men. There are several reasons behind it. It may be because of the monthly cycle, brain chemistry, dealing with an alcoholic husband, or hormone fluctuation. So there are several personal and biological reasons contributing to increased anxiety in females.

The best way for to instantly resolve this problem is to cry it out. When your husband is not treating you well due to his addiction problems or when you are going through the monthly cycle, don’t hold anything inside, flow your anxiety out in form of tears.

4- Relieve Physical Pain

The scars on our skin serve as a reminder of childhood when we spent our free time playing. When children are injured, they cry because they are in great pain, but adults consider this kind of feeling childish.

It is a great way to relieve pain, and our body knows it better than we do. Crying releases oxytocin and endorphins, which relieve physical and psychogenic pain. When somebody gets physically hurt and cries out of pain, let them do that. It will help them bear the pain.

5- Improve Mood

In addition to eliminating physical and emotional pain, tears, especially sobbing, can lift our spirits. Sobbing and breathing quickly, we breathe in cold air. It can cool our brains, allowing us to think smarter. Slowly and gradually you will notice how the mood gets better on its own without anyone’s special effort.

6- Attract Support

Because human beings are emotional, the lack of interpersonal relationships can end in disaster. From time immemorial, the coexistence of people in society gave them a chance for survival.

When people see a loved one crying, the first thing they do is try to comfort them. Thus, by feeling the support of others, it is easier for us to get rid of bad thoughts and improve our mood. Tears will help you build your social support network when needed.

7- Restores Emotional Balance

We cry not only when we are sad, but also from joy, anger, happiness, and stress. Some scientists believe that tears help us restore the emotional balance we need during the day. They are also a special mechanism of our body to adapt to strong experiences. When you feel like crying, don’t hold it. Your body knows what is better for you.

8- Tears Are The First Sign Of Health

The first seconds of a newborn baby’s life are critical, they show whether their lungs are functioning. Therefore, the first cry is the most important, it helps the child adapt to the world around him and breathe independently. Thus, the first tears mark the beginning of our health and life.

9- Help Us Recover From Grief

Grief is a complex process that includes periods of sadness, numbness, guilt, and anger. Each of us has our own way of dealing with loss, but crying helps everyone. Crying reduces stress levels and makes us feel better. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one must go through all periods of sadness so that this process does not drag on for many years.

10- Tears Make Us Human

The fact that we know how to cry says a lot about us. People need to be able to organize their thoughts to know what they want. Since we are all emotional beings, we should not condemn someone for expressing their feelings through tears. The next time you feel like crying, don’t be shy and don’t feel weak, tears are good for your health. They help to cope with the things that make us nervous.

Summing Up

While some people may perceive tears as a sign of weakness, they are actually your strength. They help you cope with difficult situations and also improve your health. Letting your emotions out through tears saves a person from anxiety, stress, and depression. So, there is nothing to shy or worry about, just go what your body feels like doing.


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