Why private security is important for businesses of all sizes

The world is a dangerous place and we are surrounded by potential threats all the time. For business owners, the threats could appear in many forms, from thieves trying to steal stock and equipment, to antisocial individuals who might harm other customers. Depending on the business you run, the threats you and your customers face could be very different.

While we can turn to the police in the event of an incident, this is a reactive measure that takes place after the damage is done. Prevention is far better, and this is where security guards can be so helpful. Hiring private security for your company can help to minimise losses, protect your employees and keep your customers safe. Not convinced? Here are just some of the reasons that security is so important for businesses of all sizes.

Stay compliant with local regulations

If you are running a bar, club or a venue, you might have a legal obligation to hire private security in the form of door supervisors. This will be a condition of your licence, and therefore unavoidable. In this case, door supervisors will help to uphold the standards of your venue and protect staff and patrons against antisocial behaviour, drugs and weapons.

Another regulatory reason you might need to hire security would be to retain your insurance coverage. If you make repeat claims on your insurance for loss or damage, your insurance company might make it a condition of renewal that you hire private security. This would be a clear indicator that you are operating in a high crime area, or your company has been identified as an easy target for thieves. In this instance, you would need to hire security to prevent future issues.

Protect against stock loss

According to recent statistics, shoplifting is one the rise throughout the UK. This could be a response to the cost of living crisis, which is pushing some people to more desperate measures to make ends meet. Gangs are also becoming more confident in their approach, knowing that there are fewer police on the streets to intervene.

If you are facing regular threats from shoplifters, there will come a tipping point where the cost of hiring a security guard will be less than the cost of replacing lost stock. The presence of shoplifters can also put off genuine customers, as they might feel unsafe knowing that criminal behaviour is happening around them.

Protect your workers

Building sites are dangerous places to work at the best of times, but they become more dangerous when they are subject to trespassing and vandalism. It could be criminal gangs breaking into sites to steal expensive equipment, or it could be troublemaking teens roaming construction sites at night trying to cause trouble and disruption.

Whatever the cause, the outcome will be the same. Your staff will be at risk of faulty or broken equipment that could then put their lives in danger. Safety equipment could also be tampered with, leaving employees without access to essential items in the event of an emergency. Hiring private security guards to patrol your site outside of operational hours will help to protect against these instances.

Improve customer service

Security guards are more than just the muscle that helps to prevent criminal behaviour. They can be used as an extension of your customer service provisions, either directly or indirectly. 

The former would include situations where security guards greet visitors. This could be in a hybrid concierge and security guard position, which is commonly employed in the lobby of large office buildings. They will greet and check in visitors, while also ensuring that office staff display the correct credentials to gain entry to the building.

The latter would include situations where your security guards make it easier for other members of staff to do their jobs correctly. This could include freeing up shop staff to focus on sales, rather than worrying about potential shoplifters.

Door supervisors can also help your staff to focus on customer service, as they can check IDs and ensure patrons adhere to the dress code at the door, so bar staff and hosts can focus on delivering a powerful and memorable customer experience.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous situations where it would be beneficial to hire security, and it’s not just about deterring criminal activity. Security guards are an essential part of the customers experience, helping to cultivate a sense of safety within an environment.

Without security guards, companies run the risk of relying on reactive action from the police following incidents, rather than taking preventative action to keep customers, staff and members of the public safe. While it might be an added expense, the cost of doing nothing is likely to be much higher and could lead to irreversible reputational damage.

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