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Where to go to see the old cars? Top-4 motor museums in London and what to see in there? When did the first glow plugs appear?

London is a city for new experiences and vivid impressions. Of course, Britain is famous for its cars. What to say if the entire royal family are fans of unique motor transport, and the late Queen Elizabeth often drove a car herself. So, any car enthusiast will definitely want to admire collectible vehicles. It is not strange, because it is London that is famous for motor transport museums. Where should a traveller definitely go? Today we will give some useful tips. 

London Museum of Transport

This place breathes history from all sides. It is worth noting that the expositions of this museum include the history of transport in general and represents more than 370 thousand exhibits ranging from carriages to buses and underground cars. If you want to go deeper into the history, go to the third floor. It is there that the oldest exhibits are displayed. In addition, this place offers a lot of interesting excursions with interactive fun. That’s why the museum will be interesting for both adults and children. The Museum of Transport is located in Covent Garden (5 kilometres from the city centre). There is one more pleasant bonus: children up to 17 years old are offered a free visit to the museum. 

London Motor Museum

This museum takes a little longer to get to than the one we mentioned above. You’ll need to drive about an hour from the city centre. This is where a car fanatic will have a blast. Why? This particular museum presents the viewer with one-of-a-kind models of both European and American cars from the 1950s to the 1980s. In the spirit of the whole of the UK, this museum has a unique blend of classics and unconventional discoveries in the world of motoring. As with every museum, there is also the opportunity to get into themed exhibitions in addition to the fixed display. That is why, before you go to the museum, ask what special exposition is currently presented for the viewer.  

There’s also a rich tapestry of car history to explore. In the annals of automotive engineering, glow plugs stand as a testament to innovation. Originating in the early 20th century, around the 1920s, these devices revolutionized diesel engine starting procedures. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines rely on compression for ignition, a challenge during cold starts. Glow plugs preheat the combustion chamber, ensuring reliable ignition even in chilly conditions. Advancements in glow plug technology have not only enhanced engine performance but also contributed to reduced emissions in diesel vehicles. Today, they remain a cornerstone of diesel engine design, underscoring their enduring significance in automotive history and innovation.

A visit to these motor museums promises an immersive journey through the evolution of transportation, from the earliest innovations to modern marvels. Whether you’re a family seeking educational fun or a solo traveler with a passion for automotive heritage, these destinations offer something truly special.

British Motor Museum

The highlight of this museum is the exposition from the legendary Jaguar Heritage Trust. It’s about two hours’ drive from the centre of London – near Stratford-upon-Avon. Before you go on a tour, check out British Motor Museum’s website to find out what’s new at the museum. 

Motorbike Museum

This museum is located at Ravenor Farm and is a 40-minute drive from central London. Of course, motorbike fans will be particularly excited about this place, but it will not leave fans of motorised vehicles indifferent either. What’s on offer? 170 exhibits on permanent display. By the way, the collection is constantly growing and replenished with more and more new and unique representatives of motorbike transport. There you can look at an Ormonde from 1902, an Austin 7 engine in a Norton frame, a number of cafe racers and road bikes from ABC to Zenith and various representatives of Triumph. Thus, this place will not leave any visitor indifferent. 

Thus, a visit to the Motor Museums can be a great option for families and individuals alike. You can delve into the history of transport, view unique exhibits and take part in interactive activities. In addition, they are easy to get to, as each one is not too long and easy to get to.

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