What to Wear Golfing in Cold Weather

Golfing is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great winter holiday. Whether playing a Championship course at a discounted rate or enjoying a calmer one at a hotel with a warm meal, taking some swings this time of year will help you prepare for the golfing season. Furthermore, if you’re serious about this game and want to perfect your skills, giving up entirely during the winter is not the way to go.

And just like in the summer, being comfortable in your clothing is essential for performing well on chilly days. You may have typical half-zips and long pants in your wardrobe, but when temps dip and blustery winter rain clouds move in, your standard cold weather clothing just won’t cut it. 

What Do You Wear to Stay Warm on a Golf Course?     

To keep yourself protected in all kinds of weather conditions while playing in the winter, you’ll need to use a layering system. It includes putting on different layers of golf clothing to keep body heat trapped. But it doesn’t involve heavy jackets or any clothes restricting your swing. 

That said, using a three-layer system for both tops and bottoms is recommended. And it consists of the following items. 


Layer 1

For the first top layer, consider thermal underwear that will keep you warm without adding weight that will interfere with your swing. Thermal clothing made of stretchy fabrics makes it simple to maintain correct posture when swinging. Thanks to its thermal characteristics and moisture-wicking properties, it will keep you warm and dry in the winter, allowing you to be comfortable and focused on your game.

Layer 2

The polo shirt is the quintessential golfing item. But to further insulate yourself from the cold while playing golf in the winter, consider purchasing a long-sleeved polo shirt.

Choose one that’s made of cotton to keep you cosy and warm. Cotton fibres trap air between the skin and the fabric for insulation and comfort.

Layer 3

To complete the three-layer clothing system, you’ll need a good jacket. Besides looking good, your jacket should also be comfortable and, most importantly, flexible enough for swinging. 

Many golfers are enticed by the newest trends and spend a fortune on a jacket only to discover it’s restricting. But when exploring the range of men’s golf jackets, look for one that’s lightweight and designed to improve your game rather than inhibit it in adverse weather.

To help you find the perfect design, keep in mind the following things: 

  • Golfing jackets can be slip-on alone, have a full-length zip, a collar zip, or both. Although full-length zips could make the jacket stick out when stooping for a putt or chip, which can be annoying, zips are typically a matter of personal preference.
  • Pockets, hoods, inside lining, cuffs, and adjustable attributes are all elements you should look for in a jacket.
  • A waterproof jacket might be necessary for the UK all year, especially in the winter. If you become wet when playing in the winter, you can say goodbye to your good score since the cold will quickly become constricting and perhaps dangerous. Consider purchasing a model that’s a size larger to ensure plenty of space and ease of movement.
  • Short-sleeved men’s golf jackets, which are a thinner version of the complete jacket, are also available. They provide a more breathable, unrestricted alternative to the long-sleeved jacket and are popular among professionals, particularly in hot areas. 
  • When purchasing a short-sleeved jacket, ensure that it has the waterproofing you want; many shorter coats may only be rainproof or windproof. You’ll also find longer-sleeved jackets with detachable zippered sleeves, allowing you to choose between long, short, or sleeveless styles. However, this flexible jacket may cost somewhat more than a conventional one.


Layer 1

You should also use the three-layer method when dressing the bottom portion of your body. As the first layer, a good pair of sports leggings will keep your legs warm and allow you to swing with full force!

Layer 2

What kind of pants should I wear for golf in cold weather, you may ask? A good pair of men’s golf trousers designed for winter will give you extra protection from the cold. With a fleece interior and an exterior made of technical fabric, winter trousers are warm and wind-resistant. Never play outside in the cold without a pair of these trousers. 

Layer 3

A pair of golf pants with waterproof qualities will work as an extra layer to keep you warm and dry while also keeping dirt off your regular pants underneath.

Depending on the weather and your particular preferences, most may be worn directly against your legs or as overtrousers. Waterproof trousers usually feature an elasticized waistband that allows you to wear them over your golfing pants. Some pants will come with slits instead of pockets, allowing you to reach into your original trousers. 

To avoid water accumulating around your shoes or trouser leg, always try to get men’s golf trousers that are longer than your regular trouser leg. This will ensure that they cover your regular trousers completely and the collar of your golf shoe, preventing water from collecting. To be simple to put on and take off and to suit your ankle, most pants have zips and poppers at the bottom of the legs; this is something to take into account.

Purchasing your waterproof pants together with a jacket is another smart move. Not only can you save money by doing this, but you’ll also get something that matches your jacket’s style and fabric.


In the UK, wearing waterproof shoes is a must for winter golf. These will keep your feet dry and toasty warm. Nothing is worse than having damp feet, so don’t attempt to get away with anything else.

Aside from waterproof golf shoes, you may also get a pair of winter boots. These high-rise waterproof shoes will give you improved warmth and weather protection.

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