What Is The Shelf Life of Medicinal Weed?

While it is always advisable to have a sufficient stock of wheat at your disposal if you are a regular consumer of the scene, holding or keeping an excessively surplus supply of weed is never advisable. The reason is quite simple just like any other edible, it also has a shelf life and cannot be stored longer than that. Therefore, it is crucial to consume weed within the prescribed amount of time as there is a strong possibility of it losing its potency and quality, or getting spoiled if not stored properly. So, if you are a weed enthusiast and wish to know the shelf life of a half-pound of weed, read ahead.

What Is Weed?

Weed is an urban word used to refer to a psychoactive compound source from the cannabis Sativa plant. It is a naturally occurring potent compound that can alter the brain’s ability to think and function independently. It is often associated with mind-altering properties and the feeling of being stoned or high. The product is often used for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, its usage and legality differ from place to place. However, it is essential to note that weed is another name that is often used to refer to the primary psychoactive compound extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. The other names often used in place of weed are pot and dope.

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Furthermore, it can be addictive. It can be potentially harmful to a person’s health if consumed excessively and without motivation or regulation. However, when consumed in moderation and as prescribed by an expert, consuming weed may not necessarily lead to harmful consequences. It does however come highly scented (!) so we’d advise storage in smell proof bags!

What Is The Shelf Life Of Weed?

Like any other naturally occurring compound extracted from a plant, weed also has a shelf life. However, extracting it from the mother plant includes various steps. The product is often infused with preservatives and other chemicals. Yet, it does not mean that it does not get defiled or have an expiry date. Typically speaking, it has a shelf life between six months to a year, depending on how it is stored. However, it is crucial to highlight that unlike a jar of jam or Mayo, weed does not go wrong; instead, it loses its potency and effectiveness, which is essentially the reason why people use it.

Signs That Your Weed Or Weed-Infused Product Is About To Go Bad

Multiple signs suggest that the high-quality weed you have been storing is about to lose its potency and efficacy. It is vital to keep an eye on these signs to see if it starts losing strength and effectiveness, and it will no longer be useful for people who use it for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. Some signs that suggest that weed is about to go wrong are:

  • Reduced Potency And Effect: If the weed you have been storing does not offer the same results as it used to, it suggests a drop in its strength. Thus, it becomes clear that there is a degradation in the quality of the same and that the shelf life of it is about to end. Therefore, even though old weed may not necessarily lead to any harmful consequences, it is unsuitable if used to deal with an underlying health condition.
  • A Distinct Smell: Almost all the time, the easiest giveaway that suggests that it has passed its prime is its smell. When it loses its potency and efficacy, a good quality weed smells different and loses its aroma. Under certain circumstances, it is also possible that it may smell a bit mouldy or harsh.
  • Change In Taste And Appearance: Another giveaway that indicates degradation in the quality of weed is a change in its taste, appearance, and taste. When it starts to taste harsh, feels crumbly or spongy when you break it, it suggests that it has lost its efficacy and potency.

In this regard, it is essential to be aware of mould. It is crucial to highlight that mould is difficult to spot but can be identified as tiny, white, powdery, and fuzzy pieces. A mouldy weed will smell musty and grassy.

Are There Ways To Extend The Shelf Life Of Weeds?

The shelf life of weed is anywhere between 6 months to 1 year. It is based on how the product is stored and is not exposed to other elements that can degrade its quality and potency, like temperature, humidity, and temperature.

  • It is crucial to store weed in a glass container that is airtight and does not allow humidity or moisture to enter and spoil its quality. The optimum humidity level at which it should be stored is 59 to 63 per cent.
  • It is equally important to highlight that you must store the weed at a specific temperature. Exposure to extreme temperatures, either too low or high, can spoil its potency and quality. Increased heat can increase the moisture-holding capacity of weed and increase the chances of mould growth. Furthermore, too low a temperature can make it dry and degrade its trichomes.
  • Furthermore, if the weed is exposed to excessive light, it can cause damage to its quality as well. Keeping weed in a cool and dry spot away from sunlight is critical. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause it to break down.

Therefore, it is vital to skip bags, plastic, or tin containers that can affect the quality and feel of the product since they can spoil the texture or expose it to oxygen. Hence, it is better to opt for glass jars or mason jars with an airtight seal. They also reduce static charge and limit the amount of oxygen and moisture that goes in. These jars are also affordable and readily available.

A Final Word

In simple words, weed does have a shelf-life as it can turn sour when exposed to extreme heat, moisture, or light. Even though such weed is not harmful to consume, it does not offer the same effect and results as it used to provide. Therefore, it is vital to store it properly to ensure its quality and long life.

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