What are Government Debt Consolidation Loans?

People may try to consolidate their financial loans by getting a secured or an unsecured loan. For example, a Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) or a Home Equity Loan (HEL) can be used to consolidate bad debts. Here, the accumulated home equity is usually used to acquire a mortgage loan or a credit line with the home functioning as the security.

Despite the fact that unsecured loans could be hard to come by, a personal unsecured loan can be better for debt consolidation reduction because the debtor doesn’t risk losing the collateralised property, which in this case is the house.

Is debt consolidation the best option? More often than not, people find themselves buried under a stack of financial loans. Controlling a number of financial loans usually turns out to be troublesome. A borrower who’s experiencing struggles with a number of financial loans, both unsecured and secured, may be able to cut down the debt load by choosing debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation reduction with federal government help

Debt consolidation reduction with federal government help can be doable in case an individual is straddled with student education loans.

Student education loans that are obtained from government entities are known as direct loans. Student education loans obtained from banking institutions, lending institutions, and other loan companies engaging in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) plan, are known as FFEL loans. Both FFEL Parent PLUS or Direct loans are provided to parents who’re willing to fund their kid’s schooling.

Federal government debt consolidation loans are readily available for consolidating both PLUS and Stafford Loans.

Consolidating Stafford Loans

The UK Department of Education manages Stafford loans, can be unsubsidised or subsidised and are usually managed as Direct Loans or Federal Family Education Loans (FFELs). Stafford (Direct and FFELs) Loans can easily be consolidated by debtors right after they leave school or graduate.

Students who attend school less than 50 % of the time, may also obtain direct loans. The government administers both FFEL Consolidation Loans and Direct Consolidation Loans help debtors consolidate their student education loans. Debtors who don’t have Direct Loans, can easily obtain a Direct Consolidation Loan as long as they include at least one FFEL Loan in the list of financial loans to be consolidated.

This particular facility of consolidating student education loans is also open to a debtor who has defaulted or is delinquent on the student education loans provided specific conditions are satisfied.

Combining PLUS Loans

Just about all PLUS loans meet the criteria of loan consolidation when they have been fully paid. FFEL PLUS Loan Consolidations can easily be obtained by guardians and parents who’re interested in financing their kid’ schooling. In order to get an FFEL PLUS Consolidation Loan, the parents/guardians do not have to undergo credit checks. Guardians/parents can also apply for Direct PLUS Loan Consolidations as long as they have a good credit rating.

Federal government programs in the USA, such as the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) help property owners make home loan payments by refinancing mortgage payments or by modifying the payments.

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