Unusual American expressions

If there’s one thing that’s becoming more prevalent in UK offices, it’s the frequency with which we hear American expressions spoken by British colleagues. Idioms such as “boiling the ocean” and “diving into the weeds” appear to be ever more commonplace (particularly in corporate environments or marketing circles), so much so that many of us use them without even realising that they have origins across the pond.

But is this such a bad thing? We think not. The UK and USA share a great deal in common, and—as we know—there are many advantages to be gained by embracing the American culture and its market opportunities. So it would seem a shame to close the door on any linguistic additions that make their way across the Atlantic, wouldn’t it?

But that doesn’t mean we can’t sprinkle a little understated British humour on the matter… Here’s a guide to some of the more common American expressions that may be coming to an office near you. From “getting your aces in their places” and setting up a “diagonal slice meeting”, here’s everything you need to know about these American expressions, where they come from and what they mean.

Unusual American Expressions

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