Top five tips on choosing dance shoes for beginners

Top five tips on choosing dance shoes for beginners:

Dance shoes come in different sizes and types in the market. They have the features that accentuate them to different dancing environments. Beginner dancers have less or no prior experience in dancing – And so they require shoes that support them when they need it.
Our guide below looks into detail shoes that are ideal for beginner dancers. Choose the dancer shoes that accentuate your dancing style. For more insight into picking the right beginner shoes, check the guide below.

Top five tips for choosing beginner dancer shoes

i. Choose a shoe with the lowest heel

You may face the temptation of picking tall heels, as they look elegant. Nevertheless, take a break first and choose lower heels for your safety. Keeping your heels smaller at first helps you to maintain your balance on the dance floor. Generally, women shoes come between 1.5’ to 3.5’ heel height. As a beginner dancer, go for less than 2.5’ heel height for better conformity, posture, and balance.
Salsa shoes for men have a heel height of about one inch. You should also forego slim heels for flared heels, as they are better for dancing.

ii. Choose the best material

Beginner dancers should go for satin material shoes as they fit better than leather shoes. Satin shoes also conform better with your feet, which makes it easier to move around when dancing. Having the best-fitting and flexible shoes enables you to gain more stability in the stage. Choosing satin-material shoes also enables you to pick different dance color shoes as the material can be easily dyed.

iii. Go for closed toe models

Being a beginner dancer could be the most challenging moment of your career. You may be trodden on regularly and no shoe provides the ideal protection than closed toe shoes. Toes are vital in maintaining your dancing posture and balance- Trodding could cause toe injuries that could make you slip. Closed toe shoes are also suitable for smoother movements and learners who require more footwork.

iv. Avoid backless shoes

Backless shoes are ideal for professional dancers. As a learner, you will require dancer shoes that snug into your feet all the time. Backless shoes provide less snug and will likely slide off at different turning turns. This will slow your learning and is the reason to avoid them.

v. Pick shoes that fit well

You should pick dance shoes that make you comfortable while dancing. The shoes should not be so tight that it presses against your skin making you uncomfortable but rather allow flexibility. Choosing perfectly fitting shoes allows you to focus on your steps better.

Where to purchase dancing shoes for beginners:

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