Top Destinations To Visit In The UK On Your EV

Planning for your first fun weekend trip across the UK in an EV? Well, first of all, choosing EVs for trips is definitely a wonderful step towards reducing the carbon footprint. Now you may be worried about making the trip hassle-free with everything in control. So, we have curated this guide with the top places that are easily approachable and the details about the charging stations on their way. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top 5 Destinations

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is a popular destination to visit with your family to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The zoo is the third most visited tourist attraction in the UK and houses over 20,000 animals. The best thing is that the location is EV-friendly. There are 26 EV chargers at the location that offer 7kW charging speed.

If your EV is running with a 40kWh battery, then you can charge it to its full capacity in 5 to 6 hours. You can easily enjoy your time in the zoo exploring several animals while your EV charges in the parking lot.

Trentham Gardens

The mesmerizing 725-acre natural beauty, the Trentham Gardens, serves as one of the perfect destinations to visit with your family. It is located on the outskirts of Stoke on Trent, which is located in Staffordshire. Besides enjoying the picturesque views, you can explore the Monkey Forest and Treetop Adventures at the location.

Moreover, the Trentham Gardens is home to four fast chargers (22kW) and eight Tesla Superchargers that can charge your EV in no time while you enjoy the beauty of the place.

New Forest

You can visit the New Forest, which is located two hours away from the south of London. The location is known for the wild ponies, woodlands, and heathland. It is one of the best places to relax and unwind. You can take relaxing walks through the forest and even visit Exbury Gardens.

In case you want to get a quick bite, you can drive your EV to visit Lymington, a seaside town. There is an excellent café, The Haven, that offers delicious cake and coffee. You can use the EV charging stations London search option to get the location of nearby chargers and refill the capacity of your EV.

Blenheim Palace

Located in Oxfordshire, Blenheim Palace is one of the largest houses in England. It is the birthplace of Winston Churchill and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The beauty of the palace interiors, beautiful countryside, and rich history make it a top tourist attraction in the country.

You can drive to the location through your EV, and you will get ample charges nearby to charge your vehicle. It is an attractive point to visit when planning a vacation with your family members.

RHS Gardens (Royal Horticultural Society Gardens) Wisley

Located near the Junction 10 of M25, RHS Gardens is another top tourist attraction in London. The garden is home to a plethora of plant species and is one of the largest plant collections in the world. Moreover, the managing society is evolving planting schemes regularly to make the UK even greener.

The beautiful place is a good destination to visit for everyone. You will get eight fast EV chargers that you can use to refill the capacity of your vehicle. You can enjoy the picture-perfect views of the spot while your EV charges in a safe location so that you can carry on with your trip without any stress.

The Final Verdict

By now, you must have clear information on all the amazing places to make your family road trip memorable. This trip in your EV will definitely have fun-filled moments without polluting the environment in any way. So, get started with your luggage packing, hotel reservations, and itinerary planning to have the best family vacation.

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