Top 5 reasons to choose a glass table top

Tables are a staple piece of furniture in homes, businesses, and public spaces around the world, but whether they’re made of wood or metal, any table can easily be updated with the addition of a glass table top.

From dining tables to coffee tables, and any other kind of table you can think of, a glass top can transform the design to an elegant combination of the old and new – merging traditional materials with modern toughened glass.

If you’re not quite sold on selecting glass for your table top yet, here are the top 5 reasons why a glass table top is always a great idea!

1) Tough and durable

Glass table tops are made using tempered glass that has been toughened through a rapid heating and cooling process. The result is highly resilient glass that resists scratches and impacts and doesn’t break easily.

This makes toughened glass an excellent option as a table top itself or as a table topper, covering an existing table top to protect the material underneath. Its durable nature means it can keep its good looks for a long time.

2) Easy to clean

Nobody likes trying to scrub stains off wooden surfaces, but you won’t have to worry about that with a glass table top. As a stain-resistant and water-resistant material, it’s difficult to damage a glass surface this way.

Low-maintenance glass table tops are so convenient for busy people – all you have to do to keep them looking shiny and new is wipe away any marks with a damp cloth and soapy water, then polish the glass with a dry cloth.

3) Illusion of space

If your table takes up a significant amount of a smaller space, using a glass table top can help to create the visual illusion that the space is larger and more open than it is, because clear glass allows light to travel through it.

When you can see through the surface of the glass, especially if it’s super-clear low iron glass, you can trick the eye into perceiving the area as bigger and airier, helping to create an uncluttered look and a calmer atmosphere.

4) Versatile aesthetic

While glass is typically used to make furniture look more modern, it has such a simple yet pleasing appearance that it looks amazing no matter what material you pair it with – whether it’s timber, metal, rattan, or even stone.

The sleek and minimal aesthetic glass table tops provide is the ideal finishing touch to upcycle an older table, and its neutrality also means that you can place a glass table top in any kind of room, with any interior design style.

5) Clear glass cut to size

Not only are they beautiful and fully functional as strong and protective table tops, but sheets of toughened glass can also be cut to size in the exact shape and dimensions that you need for pretty much any size or type of table.

Simply choose the glass table top you need from an experienced provider of made-to-order glass products, like Express Glass Warehouse, and they can manufacture the perfect glass top to upgrade your table!

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