Top 5 Essential Additions To Your Property

While some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful, Hazrat Inayat Khan once said. Many, including billionaire John Paulson, thinks that having a property or properties is the best investment anyone can make. After property acquisition, it is important you go ahead and equip your property with essentials. Some befitting essentials of a property include a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, light bulbs, lockboxes, kitchen finishings and a full cassette electric awning.

Importance of acquiring a property

  • Property acquired does not depreciate in value, it appreciates.
  • With property acquisition, passive and stable cash flow is certain.
  • Acquire properties in order to build wealth.
  • It is a good retirement plan.
  • It offers equity growth through debt reduction.
  • It can be leveraged.

Top 5 essential additions to your property

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Having a property bestows you with the responsibility of keeping everyone inside safe. You should always be prepared for cases of emergencies like a fire outbreak. A smoke detector is an important addition to your property.

Light bulbs

These are one of the most important features of a building. Not only should you buy ones for immediate use, you still need to buy some to act as a backup in case the present ones burn out. You should stock up on energy-saving bulbs, especially LED lights. LED lighting increases security, it is cost-effective and comfortable.


Lockboxes are valuable additions to your property. They help in keeping packages – such as your personal documents, which include your marriage certificate, birth certificate, driver’s license and school transcripts – from theft. With a lockbox, all your documents are safe and secured from even fire outbreaks. Here, you alone will be privy to the information in it as it comes with a secured lock.

Kitchen finishing

It is indisputable that the kitchen is the heart of a building. You can design your kitchen according to your taste. Features in a kitchen such as cabinets, countertops, LED lights and a host of others are to make the kitchen have a relaxed ambience, well lighted, fully equipped and stylish. Your kitchen should be where everyone is eager to be, it could even serve as a great relaxation spot. Invest in making your kitchen beautiful and comfortable.

Full cassette electric awning

This is the addition with the most importance: the full cassette electric awning. A full awning will protect buildings that are fully exposed to the antics of harsh weather. Awnings perform a variety of functions, it can serve as a shade, it adds class to your property and it performs protective functions. It provides total protection against wind and heavy rain. You can enjoy the comfort of your electric awning for many years.


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