Top 15 Fashion London Influencers to Follow in 2024 in Instagram

London fashion influencers have revolutionized the accessibility of fashion, making it easier for audiences. Not only do brands admire these influencers, but millions of people also seek outfit inspiration from fashion bloggers. Additionally, we have compiled a list of top London fashion bloggers’ accounts to provide you with ample options. Be sure to check it out!

Best Fashion London Influencers on Instagram

#1 Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe, a stylish stylist based in London, stands out as one of the top fashion influencers in 2024. She effortlessly combines luxury brands, tailored pants, and captivating cocktail dresses to create a stunning style. Don’t miss out on her channel for styling tips and the latest trends.

#2 Sophie Milner

Sophie Milner, a UK-based Fashion and Beauty Influencer, boasts a staggering 166k Instagram following. Her audience adores her effortlessly chic style, which focuses on elevated casuals. Additionally, she co-hosts a private message podcast with Gemma Talbot.

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 #3 Laura Cranston

Laura Cranston, a London-based Fashion, Lifestyle, and Travel Influencer, showcases a preppy and chic style. She runs the blog “Girl Talk with Laura,” currently situated in Newcastle and Manchester. With a 24k following, she shares inspiring content on her blog and YouTube channel.

 #4 Kayleigh J Couture

Kayleigh J Couture, a Fashion Influencer based in London, embodies a personal style that combines athleisure, sporty, and grungy elements with a casual touch. With an Instagram following of 245k, she actively creates trendy content to engage her followers.

 #5 Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims, a Fashion Influencer based in the UK, gained popularity through her role in “The Only Way is Essex”. With over 1.2 million Instagram followers, she manages Chloe’s Beauty Bar, a salon located in Essex. Chloe actively shares content on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, demonstrating her consistent commitment.

#6 Flavia Stuttgen

Flavia Stuttgen, a British-based Instagram Influencer, shares trend-setting outfits on her profile. By posting fashionable outfits and creating “E-Tailor,” she has transformed her passion for styling into a successful business, loved by her 104k followers.

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 #7 Oliver Proudlock

Oliver Proudlock, a London-based Fashion Influencer and social media personality, gained popularity for his appearance in the well-known television series ‘Made in Chelsea’. Holding a degree in Fine Arts, he actively manages the fashion company ‘Serge DeNimes’, showcasing his passion for fashion, travel, and lifestyle through his unique collection.

#8 Georgie Clarke

Georgie Clarke, the London Fashion Influencer, embodies a bold and sporty style aesthetic. Perhaps you’ve seen her on the ITV2 show ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Additionally, she actively manages a YouTube Channel and Instagram profile with over 245k followers.

 #9 Jordan Adefay

Jordan Adefay, a UK-based influencer and television personality, gained popularity from his appearance on the popular ITV show ‘Love Island.’ His relatable and preppy style attracts a sizable male audience, who often seek style inspiration from him.

 #10 Georg White

Georg White, a UK-based Fashion, Beauty, and Travel Influencer, manages a website that she re-launched in 2014. Since then, it has experienced steady growth. Her followers find her daily styles and wardrobe picks incredibly inspiring, and they look up to her for guidance.

 #11 Wardrobe Boss

Fashion Blogger, Wardrobe Boss, offers services in wardrobe detox and organizing tips. Her Instagram account boasts over 11k followers and continues to grow. Be inspired by her personal styling tips and style guide.

 #12 Amy Neville

Amy Neville, a fashion model and blogger, emphasizes advancing looks. As the ambassador for Revolve, she not only shares style tips on other channels but also provides insight into style guides and her travels.

#13 Nikita Rai

Nikita Rai, a Fashion Influencer and Youtuber based in the UK, has amassed over 100k followers. She captivates her audience with her beloved lingerie-inspired fashion choices. Additionally, she serves as the brand ambassador for Boux Avenue and Colour Pop Cosmetics.

#14 Vicky Pattinson

Vicky Pattinson, a renowned TV media personality and Fashion Influencer, gained fame through her appearances on the popular TV shows “Geordie Show” and “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”, in which she emerged as the winner. Her distinctive style and captivating aura serve as an inspiration to countless women in London.

#15 Ellis Ranson

London-based fashion stylist/blogger Ellis Ranson collaborated with Laura Anderson, Ferne McCann, and Dani Dyer. Her Instagram account boasts over 82k followers, who adore her unique sense of fashion.


You now have a large selection of Instagram influencers who are shaping London’s fashion scene. With them, you can be at the forefront of fashion and always look great. Choose at least 3-5 bloggers to keep abreast of all fashion trends.

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