Three ways working with an executive coach can make you more successful

Coaching has become more widely available and is considered essential for many high-level CEOs & execs. A qualified, talented coach can help you become more successful—a big claim, what does it really mean?

Today we will look at three ways working with an executive coach can make you more successful—let’s get granular about it.

Strengthens working relationships

You might think it is odd that one of the core benefits of using an executive coach is strengthening relationships.

After all, this is one-on-one time right?

One of the primary areas a coach will develop is your own self-awareness, which has the effect or drastically improving and strengthening the relationships you have with other people.

We asked Executive Coach Jaimie Crooks from Definitely Definitely to comment: “Executive coaching helps leaders increase their self-awareness by looking clearly at what’s going on both externally and internally for the executive—what situations, environments, behaviours, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are working and not working.”

As Jaimie states, an increase in self-awareness means you will become stronger in yourself and able to dedicate more of your energy to others, adapting your own communication style to their needs rather than expecting others to do that for you. An individual with a high level of self-awareness makes an excellent leader, and this is one area an executive coach can help you improve.

Increases confidence

There are two main reasons leadership coaching by Chris Cooper or similar can help you to increase your confidence.

The first is through developing a more detailed understanding of your situation from an outsider’s point of view.

It is very easy for us to get completely wrapped up in our own worlds and become so close that we can’t see objectively what is going on. Delving into the detail from an outsider’s point of view can help you gain new perspectives and move into a state of clarity.

Clarity gives you a sense of deep confidence which you can bring with you into the situation.

The second reason coaching can help confidence is the knowledge that you don’t have to do it alone.

We don’t have to handle everything by ourselves, and it doesn’t make us stronger or better to do it alone.

Once you uncover the power of support you’ll find a new sense of confidence knowing that now you have someone to go if you need some support—and that support = more internal power, not the other way around.

Ability to drive change more effectively

One of the primary reasons executive coaches are hired is to help their client go through a large change in their organisation.

We all know the phrase ‘the only constant in life is change’.

However, just because we know the phrase doesn’t mean we like or are any good at handling change. In fact, the vast majority of us tend to shy away from it. The unknown is a scary place to head towards.

Executive coaching can help you become a leader who can not only adapt to change yourself but also lead people through it in a structured way which helps them to manage their own fears.

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