Things You Should Know Before Flying to London

London is invariably on the ‘must-visit places’ list of most tourists. With its iconic sights and famous landmarks, the multiple things you could do and see in this beautiful city are both exciting and overwhelming. If it’s your first time visiting the capital of the United Kingdom, knowing a few things beforehand would make your flight and also your stay in London a breeze.

Book Your Tickets Well in Advance

Probably the biggest mistake you could do before visiting London is planning your visit at the last moment. Right from flights and accommodations to London activities and attractions, booking tickets beforehand means better prices, more options, and less time spent in queues. Tickets for the major attractions, such as London Eye or Madame Tussaud’s, are usually cheaper if you manage to book them online a day or two in advance.

Shop for plane tickets at least a few months in advance using third-party flight booking websites. If you are travelling in hordes, it’s recommended you book a London city private jet since you’ll end up saving more on the ticket prices. Unlike conventional commercial planes, chartered planes don’t charge you by the seat. You usually rent a plane and have it all to yourself. You may book a chartered flight based on the number of people flying with you.

Once you arrive at the London airport, use the express train services to your benefit. The world-renowned Heathrow Express is an efficient and quick way to enter the city from London’s Heathrow airport. There is a train every 15 minutes. Similarly, Gatwick Airport also offers express train service, which should take you to London’s Victoria Station. Both express trains provide considerable discounts if you book tickets online and beforehand.

Avoid Flying in During Holidays

London attracts millions of tourists every year – more so during the holiday season or school breaks. The city brims with visitors during July and August, and also during weekends. If you fancy better prices and fewer crowds, it’s recommended you do not visit London during these periods. January is the ideal month to visit London. If you cannot avoid visiting London during the holidays or a few days before Christmas, at least stay away from the city’s primary shopping streets to avoid the heavy crowds.

Book Your Stay in Central London

Central London hotels are expensive, especially when you compare prices of accommodation outside city limits. But booking your stay in central London makes sense since you would save a significant amount of time and money commuting every day into the city. When you are stationed in the centre of the city, you would see a lot more in lesser time.

Use Public Transport

London is a huge city and exploring the place or visiting its major and minor attractions on foot is unimaginable. Thankfully, the city’s public transport setup is extremely efficient. The London Underground, or the metro train service, is the quickest and best transport form for longer intra-city trips. For shorter trips, the city’s double-decker buses would be ideal. If you have hard-to-manage kids and luggage with you, the cab would be a lot more comfortable and also affordable.

Don’t Attempt to See Everything

Even if you’re going to stay in London for a week or two, you will still not be able to see or experience everything that London has to offer. London is huge and you should, therefore, be quite realistic with your travel itinerary. In other words, do not try to see everything in a single trip. If your trip is to last a few days or a week and you’re planning to see everything there is to London, you would probably end up spending more time moving between destinations rather than exploring spots.

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