The Things You Can Do to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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Dealing with a motorcycle accident can be tough, but your claim doesn’t have to be. If you’ve been through this, making your case strong is key to getting the compensation you rightly deserve.

In 2022, over 85,000 motorcyclists were injured in traffic accidents in the US. There were victims in more than 80% of these injuries. And a good percentage of these victims got the compensation that they deserved.

Their secret? They were able to build a robust case that withstood the efforts and strategies of the defendant. Now, let’s talk about how you can make your own motorcycle accident claim solid and successful.

Seek medical help

First things first – your health matters most. After a motorcycle accident, don’t wait; seek medical help right away.

Motorcycle accidents often result in more severe injuries than other types of crashes.

Taking care of yourself is not just about healing; it also connects the accident to your medical condition, making your claim stronger.

Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer

The legal aspect of the compensation process can get tricky, especially with motorcycle accidents. That’s where a dedicated accident lawyer becomes your ally.

Studies show that having a lawyer triples your chances of getting higher compensation in personal injury cases.

Your motorcycle accident claim deserves someone who knows the ropes, ensuring a fair and just outcome. You need someone by your side to help you in this fight.

There’d be several opponents on your path to compensation. Having a lawyer would be like having a samurai sword.

With a sharp one, you’d slash these opponents with ease and ultimately acquire your treasure, which, in this case, is compensation.

Get the police involved

Contact the police and file an accident report as soon as possible. This official documentation becomes a key piece of evidence, detailing the scene, witness statements, and initial assessment of the accident.

Cooperate fully with the police investigation. And, no matter what, never admit fault. Doing this will immensely weaken your motorcycle accident claim.

Keep track of all expenses

Every dime spent after a motorcycle accident counts – from medical bills to fixing your ride. Keep tabs on all these expenses. These records become proof of the financial hit you took due to the accident. With these detailed records at hand, you have a stronger foundation for claiming compensation.

Don’t fix the motorcycle yet

No matter how banged up your motorcycle is, it is still a key piece of evidence. Resist the urge to fix it until your lawyer and insurance company have had a chance to inspect it. Tampering with the evidence can compromise your motorcycle accident claim.

Preserve all evidence


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It’s not just about the motorcycle; keep everything related to the accident intact. Your clothes, belongings, anything involved in the crash – all of it matters. As you know, the key to winning a case lies in having a solid collection of evidence.

You can use the evidence to paint a whole picture for the judge and jury. This, of course, will make sure that your case stands strong.

Keep a low profile on social media in the meantime

We all love sharing on social media, but hold off on the accident details while the claim is still in the works.

Insurance companies and opposing parties might use your statements against you, potentially weakening your motorcycle accident claim. Stick to factual communication with your lawyer and insurance company, and let your lawyer handle the rest.

Wrapping Up

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be confusing and stressful. The more robust your case, the better your chances of receiving fair compensation for the challenges you’ve faced due to a motorcycle accident.

We’ve shared some solid tips. Take advantage of them and get the compensation that you deserve by proving the elements of personal injury law.

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