The Single Ladies Guide To Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, you guessed it right. The dreaded Valentine’s Day. The shops will start to fill with garish cards, and the market stall florists will begin oozing the violent scent of oh-so-red roses. You’ll begin to roll your eyes as you walk past every big display of love being thrown in your face.

Cheer up, little lady. Who needs love anyway!

Single women have been proven to live longer than men. So it may just be time that you started planning your next Valentine’s Day alone. Who knows, you might actually have more fun! Take a look at some of the awesome ways that you can have the best Valentine’s Day yet without having to wait for that elusive “prince charming” to bring you flowers.

Treat yo self!

That’s right, you heard it here first. Did you know that you don’t have to wait for your partner to treat you? You can actually treat yourself, yourself? A common misconception in the modern and traditional world is that women must wait patiently for a man to bring her flowers. Well we are here to tell you something different! Get yourself down to your local shopping centre, buy yourself that piece of jewellery, and then thank yourself afterwards! We are not saying that you need to buy yourself an expensive holiday overseas, or that you need to sit alone in an expensive restaurant and buy yourself a steak, but getting yourself a new piece of jewellery, some fragrances or even a bunch of flowers can be a really empowering moment for any single lady. Why not treat yourself to a new necklace or perfume with an Argos promotional code? We promise that it’ll be worth it!

Hit the town with the girls

There really is nothing better than heading out on the town with the girls. Whether it’s a glamorous night in some of London’s fanciest cocktail bars, or whether it’s a good old chat down your local, a girl’s night could be all that you need to fight off any Valentine’s Day blues (eugh!). So pick up the phone and start messaging your girls group chat now!

Spend time with family

Love isn’t just something that occurs in a long term relationship. Love is that feeling that you get when you go to see family that you haven’t visited in a long time. Love is staying at home with your mum and ordering a takeaway. Love is visiting your brothers and sisters and aunties and uncles. Take the time to really appreciate the people that you love in your life rather than focussing of the kind of love that you may be missing!

Bring on the Netflix night!

Now we have all hear of the infamous ‘Netflix and chill’, but is there really anything better than watching your favourite shows and stuffing your face? Treat yourself to a Netflix night and take the you time that you really deserve this Valentine’s Day!


One of the best ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you are single? Playing karaoke, of course! Head out with some friends this V-Day and hit the local karaoke bars. Belt out your favourite love songs, empowering music or break up bangers! This really is a great way to let your hair down and have a laugh! Plus, it would just be rude not to sing  Beyonce’s Single Ladies to a room of strangers on the 14th February!

Throw a singles-only dinner party

Throwing a dinner party and inviting all of your best single friends over is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Not only will you have the fun of creating an amazing meal and decorating the house, but you will also be able to drink, laugh and exchange stories about exes! Plus when you can save money on food and party goods with places like My Favourite Voucher Codes, there really is no reason not too! We’re sure that all of your single friends will appreciate it!

Being single on Valentine’s Day really doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Not everyone needs to be in a relationship to express and celebrate the love that they have and feel for others! So make sure that you plan in the best Valentine’s Day of your life, and prove the socially constructed day wrong! Treat yourself to that jewelry, hit the town with the girls, head to a karaoke night and throw an amazing single person’s dinner party! You could even head out to see family or just stay in with your favourite show and food. Either way, have fun, look after you, and celebrate the love that you have in your life! Good luck, single ladies!




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