The Recent Acquisition of Park Lane Club by Metropolitan Gaming

Metropolitan Gaming is a UK-based casino company that already conducts a lot of business throughout the entire country. One of their most recent purchases was the acquisition of Caesars European and African Casino Businesses, which was announced recently.

It seems that Metropolitan Gaming is continuing on this trajectory of acquiring existing venues as it was announced recently that following a recent purchase, it is now the sole owner of the private members’ club in London, Park Lane Club.

The Gambling Industry in London

If a company wants to grow its gambling and casino business, then it makes sense that London is the place to do it since there is already a thriving casino industry. This is the case both physically in brick-and-mortar casinos and then also online, such as There has been a massive increase in the number of people that enjoy heading over to these different online casinos thanks to the range of games that are available because there is no physical space to limit the library of games on offer.

There is a huge amount of choice available to the people of London, so if they want to get dressed up and go to an actual venue with music. Equally, thanks to the popularity of online casinos, if people would rather stay in so that they can go on Big Bass Splash, Bass Boss and Gods of Troy, then this is also an option. Thanks to the popularity of both forms of gambling, it is clear there is already a market for casinos in London, so investing in a new venue is a safe bet for Metropolitan Gaming. It’s safe to say that smartphones have changed the playing field, and as they continue to advance as covered in, they will continue to make the industry more diverse.

How Did They Purchase Park Lane Club

The purchase of Park Lane Club was done through an asset sale which was conducted by administrators of well-known organisation Silverbond Enterprises Limited. There will be a brief transition period, after which the club is going to be refurbished and rebranded. The rebrand will not be drastic but it will involve a name change as it is altered from Park Lane Club to Metropolitan Park Lane.

Until then, the club continues to remain open as usual. The CEO of Metropolitan Gaming has commented on how excited he is about the news. In an interview, Michael Silberling said, “we are thrilled to be adding the iconic Park Lane Club to our portfolio of casinos in the UK.”

He continued by talking about how they already have an excellent portfolio and this will simply add to it. He stated he was happy about the location of the venue, which is fair as by looking on sites such as: there is plenty to do in and around Park Lane, so foot traffic should not be a problem.

The Acquisition of Park Lane Club

In recent news, it was revealed that the casino company Metropolitan Gaming has acquired the private members’ club, Park Lane Club. This can be seen as a good investment from Metropolitan gaming given how much of a thriving industry gambling is across the UK but especially in London.

It will undergo a refurbish and a rebrand but remains open until that time, official plans for the refurbish and when that will begin still remain unknown.

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