The financial lifecycle: Key issues from your teens to retirement

Modern life can be pretty expensive. From the cost of going to university to buying a house, having children, going on holiday and purchasing a car right through to everyday expenses, it isn’t always easy to keep up.

As a result of this, many of us need to turn to borrowing in order to get by—the average household has taken out more than £7,000 in consumer credit.

That doesn’t have to be a problem—if you know what you’re doing then using personal loans, credit cards and other forms of borrowing can be a sensible way of managing your money.

Yet that does mean keeping on top of your finances and understanding how to live within your means so that you can avoid problems. The below infographic looks at the top financial priorities you are likely to face—from your teens to retirement—and the key costs you could incur along the way.

Financial lifestyle

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