The Budget Traveller’s Guide to Airport Hotels: 6 Steps to Follow

Travelling offers many psychological and mental benefits to all individuals. However, everyone knows that it is not a leisure activity that all can enjoy as it can be pretty expensive. Luckily for everyone, there are some ways to save money on travel that actually work. In this budget traveller’s guide we will focus on airport hotels as we do not talk enough about them. If you are travelling a lot or you have a long layover, airport hotels are lifesaver. Here we share 6 ways to book great rooms at reasonable prices.

1.   Look for deals

An indisputable advantage of the internet is the fact that there are many online deals and special offers that permit people to buy services at discount prices. This applies to airport hotels as well. All you have to do is to do a Google search every now and then and you will definitely be rewarded with a discount offer that you can’t resist.

2.   Compare airport hotels

The online tools that you can use do not end there. There are price comparison sites which allow travellers to see all their available options gathered in one place. This is great because it is easier for people to spot the differences among their options and choose the one that truly meets their requirements. You can compare low-cost airport hotel options on and find the right choice for you in no time. Feeling confident about your travel arrangements will make you even more excited about your trip.

3.   Learn about off-site airport hotels

It is clever to have a look at the prices offered by hotels that are not included in the airport complex. An off-site airport hotel is likely to be cheaper than on-site accommodations. And even the added public transport fares that you will need to pay in order to arrive at the establishment are probably less than how much you would be charged for an on-site hotel room.

4.   Enquire about hotel packages

Airport hotels know that travel plans tend to be totally different. This is why many of them offer a variety of extra services besides accommodation. This is profitable for hotels because travellers come back to places that have made their lives easier and their travelling experience more effortless. Some travel packages that might interest you are shuttle service from the hotel to the airport and vice versa, car parking, flights and so on.

5.   Ask for a day-use room

Many people do not know that some hotels offer lower rates for rooms that are to be used for short stays, something like less than 24 hours. Instead of waiting hours and hours at the airport, you could rest at a comfortable bed before continuing your long journey.

6.   Avoid extras

This guide to airport hotels would be incomplete if we didn’t tell you to avoid paying for extras. Many airport hotels will charge you extra in order to connect your device to their Wi-Fi network or to offer you breakfast. Learn what is not included in your room price and avoid that at all costs.

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