Spotting a User-Friendly Casino Website. Main Tips

Spotting a user-friendly casino may look like easy work, but the reality is that too many platforms fall short and barely provide the best customer service. It is not enough for a platform to have an operating license and all required legal backings by their jurisdiction. Players need to be able to enjoy its services,, and get the right treatment.

Sadly, very few platforms meet this expectation, as many are more concerned about making their own money at the expense of players. They do not seek to provide any real service to players.

Reviews on different casinos over the years have shown that players are becoming increasingly unsatisfied with many casino services, and it is almost like there is no great platform that actually supports customers right. Fortunately, this is not the case. There are still excellent casinos that provide top services and have the best mobile slots and payment systems, among other services.

Once players know the factors and signs to look out for to determine a user-friendly casino, they will be able to enjoy top-notch services. This piece will highlight the 6 major signs to consider when looking for a user-friendly platform.

Have a Great Customer Support

The very first metric to determine a user-friendly casino is if it has good customer support service. Most users registering as casino players for the first time often need help understanding certain features, and they naturally seek assistance by contacting customer care. Unfortunately, many platforms do not put in much effort to provide top-notch care services for their users, as seen from many complaints.

A top gambling establishment that provides excellent customer service would have reliable help mediums. The most reputed casinos often have three major assistance options that customers can use to reach them, and they include:

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone Call

Live chat is apparently one of the fastest and cheapest medium casinos that offer solutions to their customer’s inquiries. It allows players and support agents to chat in real time with a response rate of 2 to 10 minutes on major platforms. Phone calls are apparently faster, as players only need to dial the provided number and speak with a customer care agent directly. The email option is great if customers want to find solutions to questions or problems that are not necessarily urgent. Most establishments will respond to emails within 24 to 72 hours. Players who want a user-friendly casino must ensure that the chosen platform has these support mediums for better services.

It Is Mobile-Optimized

A great user-friendly club based online should not only have a PC version of their website. Apparently, players will not always have their PCs with them or may not even have enough cash to afford the luxury of owning one. The solution to this challenge is if the casino has a mobile version of its platform.

The mobile version of a gambling club generally features the same unique qualities as the PC version and offers the same quality. Below are the major metrics to determine whether a platform is mobile-optimised:

  • All game details on PC are available on mobiles
  • Fast play and zero bugs
  • High-end graphics

The best online casino is generally optimised for mobile. Their online slots and table games are top-notch, with zero breaks or awkward graphical presentations.

Have Many Rewards and Incentives

Another telltale sign that a club will be friendly to players is if it comes with excellent casino bonus rewards and incentives. Bonuses are significant to players, especially when the platform does not accept minimum dollar deposits. New customers will definitely want a nice reward system that allows them to try the new platform games and see if they are worth spending money on.

Some of the most popular bonus reward systems that a top platform should offer players include:

  • Match Money Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Cashback Bonuses
  • VIP Loyalty Program

All of these bonuses have their conditions, but the bottom line is that they give players the chance to access real money games and even win without spending their real cash.

Have Recent Payment Systems

A casino that really wants to serve players and satisfy them will have no problem setting up many payment options in its transaction system, including the most recent ones. The cliché payment methods that a user-friendly casino should have include credit cards, debit cards, E-wallets, prepaid and bank transfers. These payment systems are the most dominating options that players will generally look out for, and they must be available to access on any serious platform.

Also, since newer players have become more technologically inclined, it is only natural for casinos to include new payment options that use blockchain technology. These include the Bitcoin payment method, Ethereum Payment method, and Tether (USDT) payment method.

Have Many Game Options

A user-friendly club should be able to offer players different games from the best providers globally. More game availability gives players the advantage of choosing the one that provides the most enjoyable experience while offering a fair chance to win money. If the world’s biggest providers design the games, that is an extra addition as players can trust them to pay as promised.

It is also not just about many games to play or choose from. Players must also consider the Return to Player percentage for every game. The RTP will determine the house edge of the casino. If the RTP is small, players will need to pick another game.

Licensed and Accredited

The last requirement that a user-friendly club must fulfil is having a license and being accredited to operate and serve players. Casinos that are not licensed cannot be trusted and can be scams as they are not responsible to any regulatory commission that could prosecute them for illegal activities. Also, only licensed and accredited establishments can be trusted to offer randomised fair games. Some of the major licensing commissions include:

  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • United Kingdom Gaming Commission

They are not the only licensing commissions. However, they are one of the world’s most reputed regulator bodies and casinos that have their licenses and are worth trying. Players can try other clubs that do not have these commission licenses but have the license for other globally recognised commissions.


Over the years, it has become apparent that online platforms have fast overtaken land-based platforms and have subsequently become the metric for determining how players are treated generally. Apparently, many clubs fall short in their customer service, with most not meeting expectations in one or several aspects out of the six listed in this article. However, this does not mean that players have to settle for less.

There are definitely several platforms that perform well in all the six areas considered and give players the best time. Players need to take time out to check reviews for user-friendly platforms and see what they get. Whatever results come up, they will have to scrutinise them based on these six metrics and determine whether they are up to standard or not.

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