Spotlight on Osoi’s Range of Classy and Functional Bags

Stylish Look with Osoi bags

Among all the fashion brands in the industry, Osoi a brand closely followed by many people. This is particularly due to the range of Osoi bags for women. People are constantly travelling the globe to see what’s new and next when it comes to buzzy fashion brands. That way, most of them have a finger on the pulse of the coolest designs and brands in the market. More to that, they go a step further in sharing the exclusive insight with their friends on social media platforms.

What is Osoi?

Osoi is a label from South Korea, launched in 2016. Its theme is “somewhere between collection and selection”. Osoi creates a range of classy and functional Osoi bags for women. Every item is made to articulate distinctiveness and luxury, with a lot of abstract shapes characterised by exceptional bent edges for a typical, unconventional look. There’s a combination of gentle neutrals and jewellery shades with some varnish from stylish dull leather to spirited fibre. The bags come in different colours and sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

About the founder of Osoi

Osoi brand was founded by creative director Heejin Kang, who happens to have a lot of love for structural shapes. Heejin Kang has a background in architecture and therefore believes that the type of hardware, design, quality, material and colour must be considered for an amazing design. She took the chance and commitment to honing Asia’s renowned affinity for craft with a remarkable bag brand. As such, she was an inspiration to the team enabling them to create collections of contemporary classics that would be everlasting and of-the-moment.

Why Osoi is exceptional

Osoi understands that this generation needs the best. The simple shapes and modern-day details in expertly chosen materials ensure the eccentricity and timelessness of each bag made. Soft and flexible leathers fold and unfold in the formation of mini and maxi bags. The bags can be carried by hand, over the shoulder and even as a belt bag. It’s this versatile and innovative approach that gives such a unique charm to Osoi designs and puts the Korean label firmly among the most desirable Asian fashion brands.

Why Osoi is so successful

For anysuccessful fashion business, understanding customer needs is crucial. As such, Osoi discovered that the modern woman wants to carry a lot, but in a new and comfortable way. This thought gave birth to the idea of designing bags that look like mix between bum bags and satchels. However, they are streamlined, architectural in shape and easy to wear. That way, the bag combines form and function. It’s surprisingly spacious due to the smooth matt finish applied. All these features have greatly contributed to its success.

Why choose Osoi?

Apart from that, these bags come in a range of stylish colours meaning they are perfect for matching with a range of outfits. Their matt finishes are the perfect complement to many an outfit. These bags generally come in more muted tones including white, grey, navy, brown, maroon and stone. Dependingon the need, as well as the bum bag style options, it’s possible to have bags that are carried over the shoulder in more traditional fashion, as well as clutches for use on a night out.


High-end bags are items worth investing in. Buying a quality bag ensures that it will serve its purpose for a long time. Additionally, a quality bag styles up any outfit so one appears completely fashionable. However, picking the right bag can sometimes be tricky since no one wants to purchase a fake and thus waste their money. When it comes to top quality fashion, the market, as always, never disappoints. As such, there is a huge selection of bags available to buy both in online and land-based stores.

It can be exhausting to cross-check all the varieties, their respective price tags and styles and finally make an informed decision. New buyers may find it hard, but for the regular ones, it may be easier if somebody has been satisfied before. Either way, these bags have proven to be appealing. For someone thinking of purchasing one for an upcoming event, these are some of the best options out there due to their affordable and durable nature, as well as being available in a large number of stores.

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