Simple outfit ideas guaranteed to impress

Sometimes, putting together the perfect outfit doesn’t always go to plan. But this guide should have you covered for any occasion—with some simple outfit ideas that are guaranteed to turn heads. Give it a bookmark and come back later when you need some inspiration.

Outfit 1 – Chill out

If you’re just hanging out down the pub on a Saturday afternoon with your mates, you’ll want to be wearing something that’s cool, casual and stylish. To achieve this look all you need is your favourite graphic t-shirt, jeans and a classic pair of low top trainers. Grab a slogan beanie if you’re really keeping things low-key and skipping the hair products that day.

Outfit 2 – Classy day out

Put together a beige coloured jumper with a pair of dark blue jeans. If you want to dress it up a little more then go for a white shirt underneath and a pair of brown leather boat shoes. This outfit is a great choice for those casual dates or a stroll around the shops.

Add a large faced watch for that wow factor and you’ll look effortlessly stylish in this very simple outfit.

Outfit 3 – Wedding

A wedding requires a suit of course, but how will you stand out from the rest? You want to focus on the details—you don’t want to be standing at the bar in a suit that is indistinguishable from the rest. The key to a great wedding outfit is in the detail. Consider a sharp pair of cufflinks, specialty socks, and a colourful pocket square. These little accents will add some flair to your outfit and help you stand out from the crowd.


Outfit 4 – Pub Lunch

It’s the weekend at last and you and your mates are off to the pub for some good food and a couple of beers. Here, it’s important you get the balance between comfort and style.

A plain t-shirt combined with skinny black jeans and topped off with a light jacket is a good combo—we recommend one of this season’s bomber jackets, you’ll find plenty of high street brands ranges still offering these. We recommend checking out the jackets for men from the likes of Superdry, who do a great range in this style. To finish off add some all-white trainers. Keeping things simple is always the best option for staying fashionable down the pub.

Outfit 5 – Those cold days

Winter weather is unpredictable, so it is important that you have something to wear in the cold wind and rain. But you want something that still looks well put together. You need to be going for fabric types such as cotton and wool—as these are the best when it comes to keeping warm on those cold days.

A warm jumper paired with a regular cotton shirt makes for a great insulating layer. A waterproof coat with a hood would also be a great idea—but only wear this if necessary. Finally, a thick pair of jeans and some Chelsea boots should finish the look off.

Make an effort to try something completely out of your comfort zone once in a while, you might surprise yourself and find something you really love that you never thought you would!

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