Save Time When Creating Websites by Legally Using Other People’s Content

Putting together a successful website takes a lot of time and effort but it’s really worth doing when you know that it’s going to potentially help thousands, maybe even, millions of people. However, there are ways to make things a little easier for yourself and speed the process up.

Surprisingly, using other people’s content is a legitimate way for you to do this. Millions of website owners actively make it easy for others to use what they create. They do so out of altruism, to help make connections and garner backlinks. But, you must get that content from the right sources and use it properly on your site.

This article will help you to get started with doing that.

Use citations to give proper credit

If you click here you will be taken to an MLA citation tool. This free-to-use resource enables you to quickly tell your readers where you got various pieces of information from. The citations that it creates include the name of the author and share how the information you have used can be found and read. For example, if it comes from a website, it is possible to provide your readers with the relevant URL.

Your readers will love the fact that you have taken the time to help them like this. Citations also build confidence. It clearly demonstrates to your readers that you have actually done the research and that what you are telling them is based in fact.

Provide your readers with information in other formats

Increasingly, website users are switching from mainly gleaning information from text articles to doing so by watching videos. So, including a few on your website is an extremely good idea. There are several ways to legally do this. This short video explains how copyright works for YouTube videos and busts some common myths; For example, that giving credit is all you need to do to use someone else’s video.

People also enjoy infographics. You could create your own, but doing so can be tricky if you are not used to working with graphics packages. Fortunately, often, you will be able to find something suitable via an infographics directory. Usually, to be able to publish one on your website, you will need to simply need to copy a piece of code and embed it into your site. This gives credit and usually, there is a link back to the publisher’s site included in the code.

Ask people to write a piece for your site

It is also possible to approach the owner of another website and ask them if they would like you to publish some of their content on your site. Often, they will say yes. Some will even write something fresh for your website. Alternatively, you could ask them to spend 15 minutes doing an interview with you and write that up as an article for your website. If you are clever, you will likely be able to come up with many other ways to use other people´s content on your website. But, before you do, don’t forget to check that what you are considering doing is in fact legal.

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