Reduce the costs during a house clearance

A house clearance can be a stressful event. More than that, you might exceed your budget and spend more than you initially thought. However, there are some methods that you can use in order to save some money during a house clearance. We have listed them bellow and are ready to share them with you.


During a house clearance the costs are not that different when it comes to labour and disposal, but the value the company can offset against the charges can determine the quoted price. This is why when you donate some of your items to charity, the resulting cost will depend on the quantity and value. The overall costs to clear the rest of the items will be lower as long as there are many low value items donated. The costs should end up higher when a small quantity of high value items is donated.

Charities can be a good alternative when it comes to house clearance, but you should know that you cannot donate anything. They will need quality items. This means that you can’t donate things that are in bad condition.

Charity shops will usually accept books, records, pictures, cutlery and clothes. If you want to donate furniture you might need to look for some furniture donation networks. That is because many charity shops won’t accept furniture, as it costs too much to collect it and deliver it. The same goes for electrical items.

When it comes to house clearances in west London, it is recommended that you talk to the clearance company first. It will be able to advise you when it comes to donations and how the price will be affected.

Sell some items

Selling your things can be another good alternative. Not only does this reduce the amount of items that need to be cleared, but you will end up with some extra money as well. When it comes to regular stuff such as clothes, books or furniture, you can use online sites such as Etsy to sell them. When you set the price you can look at other offers so you can get an idea about how much your items are worth.

If you have high value things, such as art or jewellery, you must take them to an expert first so you can determine their worth. Then you can sell them through auctions. If you decide to simply sell these items to an individual, you should make sure that you set the price correctly. You do not want to undersell.

You can determine the right prices by analysing how much the clearance company is offering you. Each company will tell you the costs after analysing the items that can be sold. The charge will be reduced if there are valuable items that they can sell. Nonetheless, you should remember that they won’t make the best offers. Therefore, when you sell your items you should make sure that you get more money than the clearance company is offering you.

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