Reasons why learning English is good for your wellbeing

In today’s globalised, cross-border world, there are many reasons why learning a language is beneficial. This includes building confidence, providing you with more opportunities, helping you improve your memory, and getting to grips with new cultures. If you’re thinking of moving to the UK, or West London, here are some motivational reasons why learning English is a good idea!

Good for your memory

Learning and remembering a new language is a great workout for your brain. It involves logic, processing, and of course, memory and recall. When you learn a new language, you are required to memorise and be able to recall thousands of new words, as well as grammatical rules. Committing to learning a new language and regularly studying and practising will greatly enhance your memory as well as other brain functions. It will keep your mind agile as well as present new challenges for you to develop.

It’s important that you find a good tutor who can help you learn English at a pace that suits you and gels with your learning style. They will help you figure out strategies for remembering the language and ensuring that what you learn sticks!

Opens new opportunities

Getting to grips with a new language can open a myriad of doors for you. It could help you find a better job that involves travel, management, or training, and it can make it easier for you to settle in another country. Languages will also make travelling the world easier for you, especially if you pick a widely spoken language.

As far as expanding your horizons goes, English is a great language to learn as it’s one of the most spoken languages in the world. It’s also the language of international business, which is very important if you will be living and working in London.

If English isn’t your second language, learning it is highly recommended. In most countries or situations you will encounter, someone will have a basic understanding of English. Taking an English-level test can help you identify your starting point. Depending on what your purpose for learning English is, there are several different levels and types you can aim e.g. legal English, business English, technical English, or just basic English.


It helps you understand new cultures

Languages present a unique way to understand new cultures, people, and societies. They can also provide a window into the past. For example, the English language is derived from various influences which come from the island’s history being invaded, conquered, and also invading and conquering others. Additionally, some phrases and words have their origin in Celtic or pagan history. For example, English words like bannock, bin, coomb, doe and tor are all believed to have Celtic roots.

The English language is also home to words that have come about through their use in culture. William Shakespeare, the famous English author created several words in his work that have found their way into popular usage. For example, laughable, majestic, and moonbeam! We also owe many phrases to him as well, here are just a few:

Boosts your confidence

Learning a new language is incredibly empowering and will make you feel confident any time you need to use it. If you already know a few words in a language but are not fluent, the chances are that you are a bit shy to speak it.

If you take proper lessons and become more fluent, your confidence will grow. The very act of learning and practising, as well as working with a teacher will also send your self-esteem soaring. This will make attending events, socialising, and of course, working a lot more pleasurable. It will also make everyday tasks easier such as using public transport, ordering goods and services, and communicating in case of an emergency or problem.

If you want to live, work, or play in London, getting to grips with English is a must. Not just to ease communication, but to enhance various other areas of your life.


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