Proven Tips to Sell a Broken iPhone

It was until recently when you dropped your iPhone erroneously only to result in a smashed screen.
Or may be for some strange and weird reasons your iPhone is not working and seems dead.

So, whatever may be the case – broken screen, dead or maybe the wear and tear has scuffled it so much that it doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

If any of the above resonates with you, this piece will help to answer queries to sell smashed iPhone 7.

Let’s dive in to see how to get the best bucks when you sell broken iPhone.

First things first!

Let’s analyse what a broken iPhone actually means..

Generally, if an iPhone has: a broken screen; buttons and microphone; excessive scratches or dents on it; a missing or broken battery; a broken or faulty camera; or a corrupted operating system, it is considered as a broken iPhone.

However, if the IMEI number suggests that it is stolen, fake, or carries any illegal footprints, it would be tough rather fairly impossible to sell it. There would hardly be any recycler or reseller who would put their feet in it. So, run your device through any of the IMEI checkers before you put it online.

There are some quick tips that you may want to know and remember before selling your iPhone:

Treat Your Phone As Your Pet:

Well, a weird analogy, but you get the point. When you take care of your gazette in a way you treat your pet, you’ll do everything possible to keep it in shape and aesthetics. iPhones that are used carefully, neatly kept and handled attentively fetch much more than their shabby counterparts who despite of the same model and age don’t lure accordingly. If, however, you do end up with a booboo on your hands, you could try out a tech repair service to see if they can get your phone fixed and working as it should again.

Apple Trade-in Program:

In case if you want to sell your iPhone to upgrade to a newer iPhone version, Apple’s Trade-in program is something you can’t afford not to consider. Apple inspects your old iPhone, places a price on it and on your acceptance discounts the same on the new model that you opt for. The process is fairly simple and quick to give you an amazing experience.

There are also websites that consolidate and compare the prices of different offline and online stores that offer trade-in deals. It makes it much easy and smooth for the customer to get a bird’s eye view of all the trade-in programs on a single platform at a glance.

Sell Broken Mobile Phones:

The market is flooded with enough players who deal in buying and selling of broken iPhones. There are resellers, recyclers, and places like eBay and Amazon too. Each of them has their USP, and the prices may differ from A to B. One should also emphasise upon the postal and courier policies. While some of them absorb the postal costs, there are others who don’t offer it.

The process is fairly simple. You log in to the website, fill a form with some personal details and the condition of the phone and submit it. The company will ask you to courier the phone. Once they received and inspected, and found it matching with the details, they’ll confirm the sale and the pounds will reflect in your account in the next two to three days.

However, if they found a discrepancy in what was mentioned and what it is, things could go for a toss. Either the company may amend the offer, or it may also cancel the deal. Therefore, sharing the most authentic information facilitates smooth going and an instant closure.

How Much is My Broken iPhone worth?

The price for your broken iPhone depends on the damage and the state it is in.

Depending on the severity of it, the prices may vary from buyer to buyer and from B2B marketplaces to B2C marketplaces. We have seen that upon minor issues, the market pays even up to 80%. As the intensity of the damage increases, the prices drop.

The prices of a damaged iPhone are directly proportional to the condition. The shabbier the state, lesser the price and vice versa.

Things to do Before Selling Your iPhone:

When you’ve finalised a deal and are ready to dispatch your handset, there are some must-dos to remember and act on it. Take a back-up on an external hard drive, laptop or cloud, as the case may be. It is advisable to take a second back-up to ensure that you do not land into any trouble of losing the data. Please take out the sim card and perform a factory reset to delete everything and make it clean.

We hope that you now have clarity about how to sell your broken iPhone.

Happy Selling.


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