RS Currie & Co celebrates its first birthday
RS Currie & Co celebrates its first birthday

Planning an indulgent Birthday for your partner

Planning an indulgent birthday for your partner can be a wonderful way to show them how much you care and create lasting memories. Here’s guide to help you plan a memorable and indulgent birthday celebration for your partner.

Personal touches

The easiest way to demonstrate your love for someone is the show how well you know them. Fill the day with personal touches that will make the experience as perfect as possible for your partner.

Put together a personalised playlist with their favourite songs and artists and have it playing in the background as you’re getting ready to start the day. Buy in their favourite food as well and plan a mouth-watering menu including a lazy breakfast in bed.

Precious gifts

To mark the day as a special occasion, exchange precious gifts as part of your celebrations.

Go down the luxury route and browse watches and jewellery from a specialist high-end accessories retailer like Loupe to find a quality piece they can wear every day and treasure for life. Take this one step further by adding a sentimental inscription or a date that’s significant to your relationship.

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to make a gift precious. Personalised handcrafted presents will be treasured just as much. Why not put together a photo album from mixbook featuring your favourite pictures together, or make a memory jar that they can dip into when they’re feeling low?

Luxury experiences

Do you prefer events to presents? Treat your other half to some luxury experiences that are guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Base the experiences on your significant other’s preferences and interests to ensure that they love every minute. Foodies will delight in a Michelin-star meal or wine-tasting session while arty types may prefer going to see a live music concert or theatre performance or doing a life drawing class.

If the weather is fine, you could plan an outdoor adventure for an uplifting rush of endorphins. Challenge yourselves with an aerial treetop assault course or against fast rapids in a two-person raft. Alternatively, slow things down with a leisurely walk to a glorious viewpoint where you can enjoy a picnic together.

Romantic gestures

Don’t forget the romantic gestures that are essential to making the day extra special.

Remember to buy a card for your other half, and if you’re feeling sentimental include a special handwritten note or letter recognising everything you love about them. A bunch of flowers never goes amiss either!

An original and effective way to up the romance is to recreate a favourite moment from your partner’s favourite book, TV show or film. This might include visiting the place where the scene was filmed, dressing up in period clothes, or reading a passage or poem out loud. If this is beyond you, why not set up a private screening of their favourite show or movie instead?

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