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Money saving tips to help you see more of the world

Many of us have a bucket list containing incredible destinations around the globe that we would love to visit, whether it’s volunteering with elephants at a sanctuary in Thailand or watching the sunset behind the snow-topped mountains in Canada.

However, the idea of seeing the world can feel unachievable. Especially when you have to plan a complicated series of flights and hotels and decide if you can afford to quit your job.

That’s why you should consult a great travel guide, and follow these money saving tips, to top up your bank account and fund those amazing trips:

Save money on flights

Flights can sometimes be the most expensive element of a trip; here are a few ways to get on that plane for less money:
• Be flexible—If you aren’t strict with your departure and return dates then you can land a better deal.
• Book early—Some would argue that a last minute deal can save you money, but for long haul trips this isn’t always the case. Book ahead and you could even get refundable tickets, which also means that if the price drops closer to the date you can cancel these and purchase your tickets at an even cheaper price.
• Follow airlines on social media—Sometimes one-off deals and slashed prices can be advertised on Twitter and Facebook that you can then take advantage of.

Budget option

A budget all inclusive holiday doesn’t necessarily mean the same buffet food every day and a pool filled with screaming children. Look for cheaper holidays in a location you want to explore and enjoy the combo price of the flights and the hotel, then plan your own excursions while using the hotel as a base.

For example, a budget holiday to Spain can be picked up for a couple of hundred pounds and by choosing a resort within driving distance of Madrid or Barcelona you can plan to visit the sights.

Skip the hold luggage

Cheaper airlines now charge an extra fee on top of the fare price to put luggage in the hold. Instead, purchase a cabin bag that fits the specifications of most airlines and only pack enough to fit in the hand luggage. You’ll have to opt for travel-sized toiletries and ensure they are packaged up in a clear bag but saving that little bit of cash could go towards a meal out while away.

Save the pennies

Saving starts at home, so it’s time to make some thriftier lifestyle choices to fund those amazing trips overseas. Start by setting up a savings account and set yourself a goal over a certain period of time—£1,000 over three months is a good place to start.

You could also start cutting back on those little luxuries to start funding the trip too. Not buying a meal deal every day or avoiding purchasing a takeaway coffee could save you £4 every morning, that’s £28 a week which equals £112 a month! Add that to your regular savings and you’ll be dashing off into the sunset in no time.

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