Meet Rentuu – the start-up that’s changing the future of ownership

We live in a world of rampant overconsumption. It’s hardly surprising that in a bid to reduce the damage to our wallets and the environment, we’re beginning to think about ownership in alternative ways. But what happens if you still want to use high-quality products, minus said drawbacks?

That’s where comes in. The London-based startup launched a quick, easy and reliable platform designed with the conscious modern consumer in mind.

While travelling and working abroad, the minds behind Rentuu struggled to find products for short-term hire—it simply made no sense buy an air mattress to use for a couple of weeks at a time. The rental platforms they did come across were mired in time-consuming processes, like booking via phone or filling out lengthy e-forms. We buy virtually all electronics, reserve all our holidays and order much of our food online. Why, then, is it still so frustratingly difficult to hire out products online as well?

This is precisely why Rentuu was born: to meet consumers’ demands for short-term, hassle-free rentals of trusted products online. All that’s required of you is three easy clicks and—voila—you’re all good to go!

Imagine you’ve a relative staying at your house for the weekend, eight-month-old baby in tow. Sounds great, right? There’s only one problem—you haven’t got all the essentials the little one needs for a safe and comfortable stay. Instead of having them lug all the sterilisers, baby cots, strollers and car seats from abroad, you can simply rent them through Rentuu. And you won’t have to worry about hygiene, as you would if you were to borrow through a sharing platform—everything you rent with is fully sanitised and quality-controlled.

Rentuu lists hundreds of products from leading, trusted partners and businesses on its website——where you’ll find everything you need, from furniture and baby equipment to kitchen tools and sports and entertainment. Rentuu is growing in popularity amongst eco-conscious Londoners scarce on storage space, and, with an increasing number of travellers choosing self-catered accommodation for longer periods of time over short stays at hotels, Rentuu serves to be an invaluable tool for visitors looking to customise their travel experience.

So, the next time you find yourself asking the question, “Should I really buy a barbecue for the three sunny days of bank holiday weekend?” or “Where on Earth do I get a decent tent for a week’s worth of camping?”—you’ll have your answer. Because why would you buy it, when you can save yourself the hassle and rent it?

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