Maximising small spaces: innovative design ideas for your West London summerhouse

Many people can identify with the creative and inspirational design concepts of small spaces and tiny summer homes, as these are becoming extremely popular. We like to get into the world of small space design with you, with a particular focus on the charming summerhouses of West London. With the appropriate design, you can transform your house into a stylish dream with Woodpro

Opt for multifunctional furniture 

Every inch matters in interior design for compact spaces. So, purchasing multipurpose furniture is a wise decision because it optimises use without taking up extra room. Think of coffee tables with integrated shelves, sofa beds, and chairs with concealed storage. These adaptable things will provide you with the most storage possibilities while still offering style.  Would you like to enjoy your West London summerhouse throughout the whole year? Then make sure you choose an insulated summer house

Make the most of natural lighting 

Making the most of natural light is one of the most potent and successful interior design techniques for small spaces! Natural light actually gives the impression of more space and opens up a room. So, take down any heavy blinds or curtains and instead choose sheer or light-filtering window blinds to let in lots of light while still maintaining privacy. 

Make use of reflective surfaces and mirrors 

Using mirrors is another technique to change the interior design of a tiny room. They give the impression of depth and light reflection, which enlarges a space. Also, try experimenting with mirrored furniture or reflective surfaces to intensify this effect even more. A larger mirror will make the room appear larger! 

Don’t forget the outside 

Don’t overlook the area that surrounds your summerhouse. A patio or decking area design can help expand your living space outside. And if you choose furniture that blends in with your interior design, it can make a smooth transition from inside to outside. 

The proper colours and patterns

Finally, colour is quite important when designing an interior for a tiny summerhouse. A feeling of openness is produced by the use of light and neutral hues like white, pastel and soft grey. And to minimize visual barriers, think about painting the walls and ceilings all in the same colour. 

Even the smallest summerhouses in West London can be maximised with a little imagination. These creative design ideas can help you without compromising the space’s beauty! 

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