Making the Most of Your London Garden

Houses in London are not specifically famed for their gardens, with more emphasis being placed on the extravagant front façade and the precious indoor space that has become such a sought after commodity rather than the outdoor space that is often seen as more of a bonus than an essential.

That being said, many of the houses in West London were built prior to the rapid expansion the rest of London has undergone in modern times, and that means many retain front and back gardens with masses of potential – in the right hands.
It can be hard to know what to do with your garden when you live in a bustling city and have a busy life consisting of work and family commitments, but it would be a shame to neglect such prized land. If you’re struggling to know what to do with your London garden, we’ve come up with a selection of garden feature ideas.

Privacy Garden Ideas

An issue many Londoners face is that they feel like they have no privacy. This is because West London homes, new and old, have always been built in close proximity to other dwellings. This can put many people off using their gardens for fear of being overlooked and watched from afar, but there’s an easy fix in the form of trees. Lining the sides and back of your London garden can give you a natural curtain that grants you all the privacy you could ever want, as well as encouraging nature into your garden. A border of trees will also frame your garden and add to the architectural beauty of your house, as well as providing you with sweet fruity treats if you opt for a food-bearing variety.

If trees are not quite to your taste – or if your garden doesn’t provide you with the room needed to plant a tree border, you can install garden screens instead. By their very definition, they are rather unimposing but provide you with the necessary level of discretion you may require.

Tranquil Garden Ideas

London is a busy city to say the least, and although there are many parks dotted in and around West London, such as Gunnersby Park, Ravenscourt Park, Holland Park and Syon Park, the sounds of the city cannot be ignored. If you’re craving the tranquility of the country and the convenience of the city, a water feature could be the solution. You can choose one as ornate or as delicate as you’d prefer, so whatever the character of your house is, you’re guaranteed to find a water feature to match its style. Nothing says ‘relaxation’ quite like the sound of trickling water.

You can increase the tranquility of your garden by adding some mood lighting. It can be a real focal point if you don’t want a bulky instalmentgarden feature, and it can create a serene setting for you to indulge your senses in the evening with a cosy blanket and a glass of Vino.

Practical Garden Ideas

Those with children or pets need not fret that they can’t have a beautiful garden for fear of it being ruined – it simply requires a more dynamic approach to planning. Artificial lawn is increasingly popular for London city dwellers because it allows homeowners to use their garden come rain or shine, and the benefit of this is a beautiful space that be enjoyed equally as much as the inside of your home.

Raised planters are equally as practical as faux grass because they keep precious flowers and vegetables off the ground which is practical in terms of protecting them from children, pets and the frost.

Your London garden has so much potential; unleash it with these garden ideas.

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