Make-up Break Up: Brit’s Lower Beauty Standards Due to Cost of Living

It seems that, over the years, women are spending less and less time on beauty regimes. New research from SmileDirectClub, reveals that half of women (50%) spend just 5-10 minutes on their daily make-up routines, a drop of around 50 minutes a 2014 study found. The research also reveals that the current economic crisis has forced 43% of Brits to move onto cheaper products or reduce how much make-up they wear, which could be one of the reasons we are getting ready quicker these days. With the rising cost of living, we are all looking for ways to save.

Celebrity make-up Artist Pauline Briscoe, part of SmileDirectClub’s Confidence Council which aims to boost the nation’s confidence, offers her top five tips to waste less and do more with your make-up. She says, “The rising cost of living is really hitting people hard and we’re being forced to change our routines. I want to offer my top tips on how to make your money and make-up go further while giving people the confidence to try new things”

Pauline’s top tips to waste less and do more with your make-up:


Tip 1: Big brands don’t always mean better

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how some cheaper brands have come a long way in upping their makeup game to match high-end brands, and don’t be fooled by some celebrity brands! Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear foundation, for example, is one I personally find can over-oxidises; therefore, the quality isn’t good enough for the price tag. For me, ‘L’Oreal True Match Liquid foundation has a nicer finish, and colour, and you can save over triple the cost!

Tip 2: Multifunctional make-up

Don’t think literally, we are conditioned to only use certain make-up for specific features, yet many have multifunctional uses. Try lipstick as a blush or cream eyeshadow, it’s a great way to use lipstick as a multifunctional product and make the most of your makeup! You only need to use a small amount, always start off subtle and build up to your preferred shade.

Tip 3: Must-have for your make-up bag

Petroleum jelly is a must-have for everyone’s make-up bag, it’s cheap, lasts for ages and isn’t just a great lip balm! Grab a clean mascara wand, add a small amount to the brush and you can achieve the brushed-up brow look. If you have any broken eyeshadows or powder blushers mix them with a bit of petroleum jelly to make a lip gloss. This is a great 2 for the price of 1 tip and will make your smile pop!

Tip 4: Get every last drop

When you’re nearing the end of your tube foundation cut the tube near the button and use the residue foundation that is normally left inside. Pot the remainder. If it’s a glass foundation bottle heat the glass in a very warm bowl of water to let it melt from the sides.

Tip 5: Revival of the fittest

Add a few drops of saline water or eyedrops to a dried-up mascara to revive it. Use old clean mascara wands to brush brows up or separate lashes. Mascara can also double up as a gel eyeliner. Use a thin brush and dip it into the mascara cream to create an eyeliner look.

About Pauline

London-born Pauline graduated from the prestigious The London College of Fashion knowing she wanted to work in an area where she could use her artistic studies in fashion, beauty, art and illustration. Whilst training at LCF Pauline worked part-time as a model booking various high-profile campaigns. This in turn led her to build a firm relationship with industry professionals. Her natural ability with makeup was quickly recognised and it was inevitable that she would become one of the industry’s most renowned self-taught celebrity makeup artists working for over 20 years.

Her artistry and understanding of how to make people look good has made her a favourite amongst celebrities, photographers and clients alike. Her work has appeared in editorials such as Vogue, Glamour, The Sunday Times Style magazine, ES magazine, and Fabulous magazine to name but a few. Her TV work includes shows such as Loose Women, Lorraine, The X Factor, The Voice and Strictly Come Dancing. Pauline is also a talented Beauty Influencer and you can view her work across social media.

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