Is Your Sweatshirt Oversized? Read These 7 Tips on How to Make It Look Fashionable

Women have many fashion options when they know how to accessorize an item correctly. For example, an over-sized sweatshirt is considered a comfortable look but, when paired with the right accessories, it can look stylish and chic. Below is a closer look at seven different ways to take an oversized sweatshirt from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choose Bottoms That Have a More Tailored Look

Sweaters come in a variety of styles, prints, colors, patterns, and fits. Finding the right ones for your needs is not a difficult task, especially now at Any time you choose to wear an oversized or boxy top, remember to keep the bottom half of your body looking more tailored and slimmer. This will keep your look balanced and chic. For many women, skinny jeans and leggings are favorites to pull off this look.

Faux leather leggings are also a great choice when it comes to pulling off an oversized sweatshirt. The look can be worn to the office as well as for a casual night out. When it comes to choosing tailored bottoms, make sure you are comfortable with the overall look and fit.

Tuck in a Portion of The Sweatshirt

When you want to make an oversized sweatshirt look more stylish and chic, consider tucking the front part of the sweater into your pants, jeans, or leggings. Not only does this little trick give more style to the outfit, but it also helps to elongate your legs. This also makes your waistline appear a bit smaller than it really is.

Consider Your Height

Every woman can wear an oversized sweatshirt, but they must choose the right one based on their height. For example, oversized sweatshirts typically are found in two categories. One has a boxier and shorter fit, while the other has a straighter and longer fit. Both are great, but depending on your body shape and height, one may be a better choice over the other.
For example, if you are on the shorter side, consider a shorter sweater and tuck in the front so you look a little taller. Taller ladies can choose either option because both looks can be easily pulled off.

Choose Sweaters That Are Truly Oversized

Some women think that, by ordering a sweater a size or two sizes big, it will automatically fit like an oversized sweater. However, that is not the case. This is because the sleeves will be too long and awkward, giving you a frumpy look. Sweaters that are designed to be oversized will fit your shoulders and arms thoroughly, leaving you looking stylish and not frumpy.
Many online sites have a section with a wide selection of their oversized sweaters. Simply pick the ones that catch your interest and choose the actual size when placing the order. This will guarantee a polished and stylish look at the next gathering or event you wear the outfit too.

Accessorise With Jewellery

The addition of jewellery is a great way to take an ordinary outfit and turn it into something a lot more. Statement pieces of jewellery are great ways to take an oversized sweatshirt and turn it into a glamorous outfit. If your sweater has a round neck, consider pairing a statement necklace with it to give it some bling and take it to the next level. For sweatshirts that have a stylish neck, choose statement earrings or a statement ring to add the extra pizazz the outfit requires.
Jewellery is an excellent addition to any outfit when it comes to taking ordinary pieces and turning them into a complete outfit that can be worn for an evening out or to the office. When pairing jewellery with oversized sweaters, make sure you minimize the bulk around your face. Take the time needed to find the ideal piece.

Wear Heels

If you worry about looking frumpy in an oversized sweater, then consider wearing heels to pull off the look. Heels will elongate your legs and elevate your look, making them look less casual. For example, an oversized textures sweater paired with black skinny pants and pumps is a wonderful look for the office or a work dinner party.
The same look can be worn out if a few changes are made. For example, the sweater can be paired with ripped skinny denim and heeled booties to give it more fun and laid-back look. Add the right jewelry to it, and you will have a fabulous and effortless look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Wear as a Dress

Many oversized sweaters appear as dresses and can be worn alone or with the addition of thick tights. Many women that decide to wear a sweater as a dress choose to pair it with thigh-high boots, as the boots will cover up a lot of the woman’s legs. If thigh-high boots are not favored, then wear thick tights to keep you warm. Pair this outfit with heeled booties or pumps to finish the look.

Another option of wearing a sweater as a dress is to place a buttoned shirt under the sweater. This creates texture as well as introducing another color into the outfit. This is best when done with a v-neck sweater or one with a round neck because the shirt will add a bit of flair to the overall look.

When it comes to fashion, there are no rules that you must abide by. However, it is best to follow what you like and not to be afraid of trying different trends and styles to see what fits your interests best. Fashion means something different for each person, and they can choose what fashion trends to follow and which ones they can do without. For instance, many people favor comfort overlooking stylish, while others try to combine both fashion and comfort. An oversized sweater accomplishes both at the same time. A woman can be stylish and comfortable wearing one to various events and outings planned throughout the week.

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