Is London the Vaping Capital?

Unbeknownst to some vape lovers, the United Kingdom has transformed into one of the most vape-friendly countries in Europe and in the world. Last year, the statistics of vaping adults in the UK had reached 3 million, and since then, we have witnessed a steady rise in the number of vapers.

The UK cities are seemingly embracing vaping and e-cigs with open arms as compared to other cultures and countries. You have a variety of vaping flavours to choose from, from the local stores to Online vape shops; the designs of the e-cigs are also user-friendly and hassle-free.

With so much social stigma attached to vaping, a visitor might be shocked to see the positive attitudes towards smoking. You won’t feel judged or criticised for holding the e-liquid device in public since the British nation is most open-minded when it comes to vaping.

While the variety of flavours might be a contributing characteristic to the massive popularity, it has also been noticed that tobacco smokers are encouraged to transition to e-cigs and improve their health. Nonetheless, London has been ranking number one regarding the highest sales in the national vaping industry.

How is vaping different from smoking?

E-cigs usually work by heating a nicotine liquid, which then converts into mist or vapour and is inhaled by the user. While smoking a cigarette, the user is inhaling harmful substances, such as tar. During vaping, e-cigs don’t contain those toxic chemicals that are present in regular tobacco cigarettes. And if there are harmful substances, they are present at a much lower level, which is also the basis for the idea that vaping is much safer than regular tobacco cigarettes.

The number one reason people smoke tobacco cigarettes is for the nicotine, and e-cigs are a less harmful way to obtain the nicotine without most of the toxins that go along with it. Since vaping is much safer than smoking, it allows potential quitters to make the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs before, ultimately, going cold turkey.

What has caused the soaring popularity of vaping in the UK?

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, quitting tobacco cigarettes has never been more important. According to different medical reports, more than 70% of Corona patients have had a history of smoking tobacco. Smokers are fourteen times more likely to get affected by the virus and develop severe pneumonia.

But when it comes to curbing and killing the tobacco smoking habit, vaping is seen as a useful tool in the UK, which might help people to bid farewell to tobacco cigarettes for good. Many physicists and medics in the UK see vaping as a game-changer for striving quitters.

The primary reason for this is that vaping provides the vapers with the same nicotine heat; however, the heat contains far fewer toxins and substances, such as carbon monoxide and tar, which are usually present in tobacco cigarettes.

Unlike other regions of the world, such as the USA, where e-cigarettes are getting banned, the UK sees e-cigs as an opportunity for habitual smokers to improve their health and quit smoking altogether. This is also the primary reason the British nation hasn’t witnessed an outbreak of illnesses related to e-cigarettes.

That said, e-cigs have been widely embraced by the smoking adults in the UK, and London in particular, as a means of quitting combustible tobacco cigarettes. It is also important to mention here that vaping popularity has not touched the non-smoking young people as much as in other regions of the world.

The Bottom Line

With London currently being the international vaping capital, the Londoners have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of adult vapers in the last couple of years. First-time visitors might have a little bit of shock while taking a stroll on the street of London as they will see loads of people with e-cigs casually running their errands.

In the UK, the cultural value of vaping revolves around the importance of e-cigs as a healthier and safer replacement tool for the deadlier tobacco cigarettes. In London, e-cigs are not an initiation product, but it allows people to initiate their tobacco-quitting journey with a higher risk of achieving their objective.

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