If You Can’t Beat the Casino, Then Work With It

We’ve all heard the expression ‘the house always wins’ in relation to casinos. Of course, this is true. Operating a casino is a business. The games that they offer all have a mathematical advantage in the house’s favour. That doesn’t mean a single player cannot win big – quite the opposite, in fact. For instance, there are new online progressive jackpot slots that payout millions of pounds to the lucky winners. However, on average, based on thousands of players playing these games millions of times, the casino will end up in profit.

Naturally, not everyone has the bankroll to jump in and start their own online casino. As an alternative (which doesn’t require a large budget) is to become an affiliate marketer for these brands. To offer a little perspective, one of the largest super-affiliates earned €45 million in revenue share agreements in 2019 by signing up more than 430,000 new depositing customers.

So, what do you need to get up and running as an online casino affiliate? The answer is very little – a website and good literacy skills will be enough to get you started. Sorting out your own website can be done within a few minutes. Even if you have no coding skills, you can use WordPress (or something similar) which takes care of all the basics. What is important is choosing a strong domain name, so spend some time researching this to ensure you select the right one. From there, you need content.

Without a bankroll, this will be something that you’d have to create yourself. If you have a genuine interest in the topic – whether it be casino games such as blackjack or roulette, sports betting or even poker – then content creation will be effortless. However, if it’s not your forte, use Google to gather some ideas.

A quick tip, don’t copy/plagiarize work from others because this will lead to a penalty from Google when you get around to publishing it online. So, that’s a very basic overview of how to set yourself up and get on the winning team. Like all business ideas, the results you get will be determined by the effort you put in. There are hundreds of affiliate marketers all battling over the same terrain. It does take​time to establish your brand, but without doubt, the rewards are out there for those with the passion and dedication to succeed. ​

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