How Versatile Are Summer Houses?

If you are thinking about a summer house – or any other sort of outbuilding for that matter – for your garden, then you shouldn’t be put off because you think you will only use it in the summer months. These days, bespoke summer houses offer a great deal of versatility and, with proper insulation, can be put to good use throughout the entire year. This means you can get a lot more value out of owning one, potentially increasing the asking price of your home should you ever choose to sell up. What are the main uses for summer houses beyond their traditional function? Read on to find out.

Home Offices

In an age when more people than ever before work from home, an office space you can call your own will definitely be worth the investment. Working from the dining room table or a spare bedroom can be okay but limits the functions of those spaces for their intended purposes. With a garden-based home office, you can set up your computer and get to work each morning in a dedicated space. Of course, at weekends, all you need to do is lock a drawer or two and remove your laptop to turn your home office back into a summer house for the whole family to enjoy.

Garden Rooms

A garden room is a light spacious space where you can grow plants. If a garden room were built on the side of your home, you’d probably call it a conservatory or a sunroom. With a summer house doubling up as a garden room, the only difference is that is free-standing. This means that you can optimise your layout to capture most of the sun. Indeed, with a garden room with side shed, you can also keep all of your gardening equipment to hand without compromising on the living part of the space.

Gaming Dens

Whether you have teenagers who like to game in their bedrooms and you’d prefer them in a more sociable environment or you enjoy video gaming yourself, turning a summer house into a den for playing is a smart move. More and more gamers take their physical space seriously so think about being able to shut yourself off from the rest of the home for a few hours in a garden structure that’s purpose-built. It could really improve the enjoyment you get out of all your games whether you play solo or online.

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