How To Spend The Best Two Days In West London

London is one of the most recognisable cities in the world, if you are visiting London and you want to know the best areas to visit and what to do, this is the perfect page for you. West London is my favourite part of London surrounded by several iconic things you can visit and do to make your quick trip very special. 

Richmond Upon Thames

West London is probably the most attractive borough in London and the River Thames runs through it for 10 miles, so there are plenty of river views for you to enjoy along the way. Richmond features theatres, galleries, historic homes and town centres with bustling shops that will pique your interest. 

You can reach this area in any way you want and is a nice break from thievery busy Central London, if you are new to the UK you can use this break to plan more of your trip and maybe even look at some of the best online slot sites in the UK before you go back to the busy day you have.

Kingston Upon Thames

Like Richmond, Kingston is another riverside settlement that is built upon the old market town, which is the same place the Saxon kings were crowned. 

Now it is a bustling village that is filled with beautiful sites to visit and take some pictures of, these include the Coronation stone, All Saints Church, a unique sculpture, The Ham house and Wimbledon Windmill. The unique sculpture resembles falling dominoes in the form of 12 red telephone boxes. 


Chiswick is above a very popular section of the river Thames and is a stunning suburb that is filled with green spaces, period houses and a range of shops and restaurants. There is also a factory that has been brewing beer for over 350 years called Fuller’s Griffin Brewery which is well worth the visit.

The Chsiwick house is also a great place to visit as it is a fine example of the Palladian architecture in England, it also houses St. Nicholas Church which is a surviving tower from the 15th century. 


On the border of the West London district, there is the Shepherds Bush to the North and the previously mentioned Cheswich to the west, the link between these two is the Hammersmith Bridge. The iconic Hammersmith Bridge is a massive employment and commercial centre in West London and the centre of London’s Polish community!

One of the best things it has to offer is The Ark office building which has a beautiful interior that would be sad to miss. The bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in London and has a wonderful local pub called the Dove that dates back to the 17th century and hosted some of the most famous people in London through all these centuries. 

Shepherd’s Bush

If you are into shopping like I am then you cannot miss the Shepherds Bush as it is mainly residential and has a wonderful shopping district in it named the Westfield Shopping Centre. It is also filled with several great restaurants and pubs for the perfect end of the day. 

Kew Gardens

This is for the people who are less into shopping and more into taking in some stunning greenery. The Kew Gardens is the biggest collection of living plants in the world and goes back to 1840, it is filled with 30,000 types of plants and is a beautiful break from the city itself. The garden is also perfect for the readers as it contains a great library with thousands of books available. 

West London is the most beautiful part of London and has an activity for every type of person. My perfect day would be to visit the Kew Gardens, go to the Shepherds Bush for some drinks and some food and a little shop, then head to Hammersmith Birge for a nice walk and a drink at the iconic Dove pub.

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