How to Raise Your Self-esteem and Learn to Fight Back Against Bullies

Low self-esteem has a negative impact on our lives, relationships, careers, which can later lead to neuroses, and even depression. So how to believe in your own strength? 

Our behavior in adulthood depends largely on the environment in childhood. Everything that you once saw (referring to patterns of behavior) or adopted as a child, all of this you carry into adulthood.

If you now, as an adult, cannot fight back against an abuser, say a firm “no”, get lost when you are yelled at, scolded, try to hide from all these “horrors of life”, then decide for yourself whether you really want to give up this type of behavior or are you comfortable living this way?

It’s not easy to let go of this type of behavior, especially if you want to be comfortable or if you’ve taken the position of a victim. If you’ve consciously decided that it’s hard for you to live this way, the first thing you should do is raise your self-esteem and learn to respect yourself. You should set goals. They will help you decide what you really want.

Set Goals

Start by scheduling goals for the days, weeks, months. They can be connected to your work or hobbies, like learning more roulette online strategies or reading 10 books a month. Don’t forget to look at them and cross out the ones you have already accomplished and made some progress. Goals will give you the motivation to move forward.

Don’t Focus Your Attention on Your Fears

Undervalued self-esteem negatively affects our life, relationships, career, which subsequently causes various neuroses. Don’t focus on your inner fears: this you will never bring benefit neither to yourself, nor to others, but only harm.

Less Complaining

The position of the victim is convenient: you don’t have to bear the responsibility, shifting it to others. However, over time, the victim stops noticing his desires, cannot refuse or offer what he really wants.

At a certain point, the environment will get tired of being your life preserver, and it will be hard for you to give up this behavior. Try to complain less and replace complaints with motivational words.

Giving up Criticism

To raise your self-esteem, stop criticizing yourself, use affirmations, go shopping, take more time for yourself, read, do sports and your favorite things.

Try something new, like going to that cafe you’ve always wanted to go to. Buy yourself something that you personally liked, not the people around you. Try to take responsibility for every word or action you say or do.

Love Yourself

Small steps on the way to another self you will see how many good things are happening in your life, be proud of what you have achieved yourself. When you begin to love, respect yourself, understand your worth, then your thinking about yourself will change. Over time, you will learn to control your emotions and behavior in every situation.

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