How to Pack Light for a Trip With Kids

Nothing can stop a travel-addicted person like me from starting a trip, even a little kid by my side! Travelling with children is a challenging type of fun. You have to take your stuff, pack your baby’s belongings, and not break your spine with the weight of the luggage. But this is possible! Both my experience and the surveys prove it is true. We, the Millennials, are adventurous and a little crazy: 44% of our generation travel with kids!

So, how do you pack your luggage for a family vacation?

Packing With Children Lifehacks

Among numerous children-friendly travel tips, I have chosen the most useful ones.


If we talk about the grown-up kid who can pack a bag on their own, here comes some good advice on matching the colours of things. Especially it regards your children’s clothes. To take minimum stuff and still have a lot to wear, create a colour palette of the kid’s three favourite colours and take only clothes in these shades.


I do not know a child who can travel without their favourite toy. While adults can entertain themselves by playing online casino UK on their smartphones, children need something material. Ask the kid to choose the most necessary toy. You will save space in your luggage for other essential things by prioritizing.

Taking the Realistic Approach

Although there is always a possibility of a tsunami, you should take a raft on the trip. Do not bring warm clothes when you go to Florida. The better way to pack light is to have more cash. If you need something, you can buy it at your destination. If you do not, both your wallet and your muscles are safe.

Limiting the Space

Divide the suitcase into several parts, each for a family member. You will avoid your kids’ stuff monopolizing the luggage. Also, this will teach them how to plan and choose the most necessary items.

Must-Have Things While Traveling With Kids

Children require a lot of specific stuff. I am sure every parent knows the items their children need, but you can find a must-have things list below. It will help you to check and not to miss anything:

• Medicines. Doctors recommend taking diarrhoea medicine, pain and fever medicine, motion sickness medicine, and an insect bite anti-itch gel or cream.
• Hygiene products. Take napkins, small vials of shower gel, sunscreen, and diapers for babies.
• Sling for babies. Baby carriages are heavy and bulky. It is better to use a light piece of cloth!
• Hats. To protect children from sunstroke, remember to pack caps.
• A small backpack or banana bag. Older children like to have their personal belongings in separate bags. Let them feel adult and independent.
• A tiny fan. Children hate hot weather and feel uncomfortable. You can buy a small portative fan which they can use anywhere.
All these things are light and do not require much space in your luggage. By the way, try to leave one suitcase pocket empty for souvenirs!

Travel With Your Kids Easily

So, packing light with children is real! If it weren’t, much fewer people would travel with kids. However, this is a different type of pleasure – seeing your kids discover the world by your side. I hope these life hacks will help you on your trip!

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