How to make your interior design look luxurious

Having a sense of luxury at home makes coming home from work even more of a relief than normal. Luxury means good quality materials and—according to the definition of the noun—a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense.

But it doesn’t always have to be expensive; the trick is to just make it look like it was expensive. There are a few ways that you can do this; it’s easiest to start with accessories, and here are a few ideas to get you started. After reading below, research a variety of interior designers such as Helen Coulston to see these ideas be styled.

Focus on materials

If you opt for luxurious materials, the layout of your interior will automatically look like you have spent more time and money on it. Velvet is a good choice for a luxurious look, and there are a range of velvet options on the market that are inexpensive and tough in terms of general wear and tear.

If you have blinds, it’s best to switch to made-to-measure curtains that fit your space perfectly for a more luxurious look; darker colours such as plum, navy, and deep blues and greens work really well. When dressing up sofas and beds, opt for natural materials such as thick cottons, wool and leather for that expensive lavish look.


Expert fit your furniture

Depending on the size of your rooms, fitted furniture is what luxury is made of. If you can find a corner sofa that fits the whole family and position it in your living room, not only will it look luxurious but also you will find it creates much more space. If your house is suited to a more old fashioned look, you can find a great range of antique sofas and chaises online or at auctions.

You ideally want to fit a Chesterfield sofa into your home for serious luxury, and if needs be get it upholstered in a new fabric to suit your colour scheme. Just remember that an antique piece like a sofa is an investment, so spend as much as you can, as they usually hold their value and won’t ever go out of fashion.

Update outdated accessories

Altering light fixtures, rugs and artwork can transform your house from standard to luxury in seconds. The latest lights taking over the interiors world are glass domes, anything that is metallic and also pendant lighting, so you might need to get the electrician out to change your light fixtures.

Having perfect lighting at home is an indulgence. Interior designer Michael Murphy says that to find the right balance at home you need three types of lighting; ambient, task and accent. “Ambient lighting provides even, overall illumination to a room,” according to Murphy, whereas task lighting is for performing specific tasks. Accent lighting is to showcase specific objects or corners of a room where you’d like to show off the wallpaper, some artwork or an object. You need all three and you’re done!

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