How to find the real you

Do you feel less true to yourself as you get older? Many people experience this concern. Despite becoming more mature with each passing second, as we all are, our lives are bombarded with ever more “stuff”. This is the age of immediate communication and endless information held in the palm of our hand—almost every waking minute for most of us. So it’s little wonder that we don’t have time to nourish our souls—the people we truly are deep down.

If you recognise yourself in this scenario, maybe it’s time to take action. Many people in modern life concentrate a lot on their physical health and well-being, and on their jobs, careers and interests, but what’s missing is time for the inner self. This is the part of you that doesn’t need to think all the time—and actually benefits from lack of thought once in a while. Your soul has always been with you, and always will, but we should all take time out to pay a visit once in a while by turning off our minds and cutting out all the head noise.

So how do you do this exactly? Well, there are lots of different ways that work well for different people. Some find the monotony of long exercise takes them to a different place; things like running, cycling or swimming. These are all regimens that don’t demand full conscious concentration, but do demand physical effort—so your mind is free to think.


Other people can seek help from a third party. Clairvoyant readings or psychic readings can be of enormous benefit to people who need to re-connect with themselves. This is because the other person involved spends their professional life learning to read and understand people deeply, so can bring a new and fresh perspective to people who seek their help. This is the case regardless of whether their client believes in special unseen abilities. The point is that you’re talking to a non-judgemental person about your deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears in a way that many people find both relaxing and cathartic.

Of course, you may seek more conventional help through a counsellor or psychotherapist, where the same principle holds true.

Practising meditation or mindfulness techniques can also be a real boon for those of us who want or need to quieten our busy conscious minds from time to time. Again, the point of the exercise is to set aside regular times where you’re fully conscious, but not filling your head with the business of day-to-day life.

The overall goal is for your life to become more inner-directed than directed by the external environment. To do this, we need to lose the vanities of life, and to meditate on what person we really want to be. To be authentic with yourself, it’s important not to compromise your own dreams. It’s equally important not to put others’ needs ahead of your own all the time. Don’t worry; this isn’t being selfish, it’s about being soulful and selfless.

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