How To Design Your London Garden

The benefits of a home garden extend beyond producing homegrown produce. A garden improves a home’s aesthetics and increases its value. It’s also an excellent spot to relax and unwind or chill with your family while enjoying fresh outdoor air, especially during spring.

We’ve listed several ideas to spruce up your London garden design to make it colourful and more inviting.

Use Heights

Making use of height allows you to create a gorgeous garden design. Decorate high spaces in your garden with wall climbing vines like Virginia Creeper or Star Jasmine and trailing plants, such as petunias. Use hanging baskets, wall managers, and window boxes to get flowers like Lobelia and Calibrachoa up on high.

You can create a living wall to fill bare space and give a contemporary look. Besides adding height, living walls offer insulation, improve air quality, minimise noise pollution and act as home to insects. Plant a mix of herbaceous plants, including succulents, ferns, and sedums, to create a living wall.

On a solid wall, you can hang several pots with plants to divert the eye’s attention and make your small garden feel bigger. In the pots, plant edibles like lettuce, succulent strawberries, and herbs.

Re-Evaluate Your Bed Lines and Hardscape

Keep in mind the hard elements in a garden’s landscape like rocks, water features, or driveway will stay there for a long time. Once you’ve installed them, it’s hard to change them. So carefully plan where you want to establish your hardscape before designing your garden.

Clear, smooth bed lines provide the garden with a finished look and sense of clarity. Perfectly cure edges add clear boundaries and give your space a unique and intriguing flow.

Reimagine Your Lawn

Chances are your lawn covers the biggest space of your London garden. A good lawn will give the area a strong shape and set your garden on the right track. Whether it’s circular, rectangle, or oval, your lawn needs to show vitality.

When designing your garden, ensure your lawn receives enough sunlight, water and the soil beneath is well-aerated. If there are any tree branches limiting sunlight from reaching the lawn, chop them off. Water the lawn once a week and poke some holes to improve aeration. By doing this, your garden will retain its green and rich vegetation.

Light It Up

Make your garden a source of envy to your friends and neighbours by keeping it bright. Plant brightly coloured plants to make your small urban garden appear lighter, cosier, and bigger.

Brighten your dark patches in your landscape with flowering plants like Irish Eyes, Lavender, Viola, and Gilded Sun Floribunda Rose. The bright colour of the plants will give your garden a magical look.

Bright red and yellow flowers will bring an intimate vibe, and white and purple flowers will reduce vision and make your space feel larger.

Take things a notch higher by incorporating decorative lights to illuminate the trees and pavement at night.

Use Garden Pots and Containers

Instead of digging holes in your garden to plant your small trees, consider using pots and containers. Small containers allow easy maintenance of a garden. They’re easy to move around and arrange. Plant succulent strawberries, daisies, and herbs in small pots.

Use large copper pots or galvanised garden pots to grow trees that require more root space and stability from winds. Around the tree, you can plant flowers and edibles to attract wildlife to the space.

But before planting anything in the huge pots, decide where they will go first. Once filled with soil, you won’t be able to move them again. You don’t have to buy the pots; you can get all experimental and replicate DIY garden pots.

Go Easy On The Furniture

Your London garden is an extension of your indoor space. So, you need to decorate it like a room to make it more inviting. This means selecting the right furniture that will not consume too much space. 

Simple bistro chairs and a table will do the trick. A large bench will only clutter up the space and ruin the beautiful view. Find garden furniture that occupies little space and adds a European aesthetics to your space. Ensure it is durable and requires minimum maintenance.

Don’t Forget Wildlife

Nothing can measure up to the joy of seeing the life of birds and insects unfolding in your garden. Design your garden with Britain’s diverse wildlife in your mind. Incorporate nesting boxes to invite and provide shelter for a variety of birds.
Plant native trees so birds, squirrels, and some insects can nest on them. Go for species like conifers, alder, crab apple, beech, or birch. Grow indigenous flowers like Buddleia to attract butterflies and bees. Add a water feature like a pond and build bird tables and baths. All in all, ensure your garden’s design allows nature to thrive.

Update It with Miniatures

To make your garden more visually appealing, consider spicing it up with miniature decorative pieces. You can add dwarf trees, preserved moss, rustic metal pieces, tiny waterfalls, mini seats, mini stepping stones, and much more.

Get creative and incorporate anything that will make you smile when you see it. If you have kids, ask them to come up with their ideas.

Also, install a gate. A gate is important not only because it improves the garden’s design but for security. A decent gate and fence will prevent people and animals from entering your garden and destroying it. Also, it creates a sense of privacy.

Although wooden gates can do the trick, go for something unexpected. Visit an antique shop or salvage warehouse to find an aesthetically pleasing peace.

Whether you have a front, back, or indoor London garden, you can use these clever tips to create a lovely design. But don’t depend on this guide alone, research for other ways you can design your garden.


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