How can branded lanyards benefit your business?

Lanyards are commonplace at conferences and events, but have you ever thought about introducing them to your business? Having lanyards in the workplace might not be immediately obvious, but there are some real business benefits to offering branded lanyards in the workplace. They can also be used as promotional items, as a giveaway, and to help boost your branding. Read on to learn some of the top benefits of introducing branded lanyards to your workplace.

Increase security

When workers are wearing branded lanyards, it becomes a lot harder for anyone who shouldn’t have access to your workplace to blend in. This makes the job of your security guards much easier. While workers might occasionally forget their lanyards, you can easily offer spares to those who are supposed to be there. Anyone not wearing a lanyard can then be easily identified as a security risk.

Introduce keycards

A branded lanyard is the ideal way to carry a company keycard. If workers need a keycard to gain entry to different areas of the building, a branded lanyard will help them to carry this with style. Choose a lanyard with an extendable attachment to make it easier for workers to touch the keycard to entry pads.

Brand recognition

When your workers are all using branded lanyards, this offers a nice bit of free advertising. Most people will wear them out and about on their lunch break, and they might wear them too and from work. This means that your company will enjoy a bit of free advertising everywhere they go. This is one of the main benefits of branded lanyards as you can customise the lanyards to your company colours.

Facilitate introductions

In a large company, it can be difficult to meet new people and get chatting with other departments. If every department has a different colour lanyard, it makes it easier for workers to strike up a conversation and improve interdepartmental collaboration. Adding name tags can also help to break down these barriers. Another way to achieve this would be to have all new workers wear a different colour lanyard so that established team members can make the effort to introduce themselves.

Offer freebies

When visitors come to your office, you could send them away empty-handed, or you could give them a company-branded lanyard. A lanyard is a great giveaway as it is cheap, durable and useful. Everyone can find a use for a lanyard if they give it some thought. And a good quality lanyard will offer years of use. You could also give away lanyards are trade shows, conferences, seminars and events. Add a useful attachment to the end and your lanyard could become the must-have item at a conference or event.

Help out customers

In a retail setting, it can be difficult for customers to know who to approach for help, particularly if workers aren’t wearing the same uniform. By using branded lanyards, you can make workers easy to identify and much more approachable. Add a nametag and their position to the end of the lanyard to make it easier for customers to remember their names and offer positive feedback.

Increase professionalism

Even smaller companies can benefit from branded lanyards. When your workers are wearing your company logo and colours, they are more likely to conduct themselves professionally. This can help to remind younger staff that they are in a place of business and maintain a professional demeanour. It’s like offering a uniform, without actually going this far. Your employees can still express themselves through their clothing, but with a small part of your company branding on display.

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