Hosting a Gender Reveal Party in a Small Home

Your budget, or personal choice, may have meant that you purchased or rented a property that is quite short on space. While this can keep costs low, and reduce the amount of housework required, it may mean that you aren’t able to do as much as you like. Should you be expecting a baby, you might want to have a celebration, especially when you find out the gender of your unborn child. There are ways that you can still host a small party, even when the space in your home is quite limited.

Utilise the garden

One of the simplest ways to host a party, especially during nice weather, can be to have an outdoor event instead. If you have a decent amount of space in your garden this may also enable you to invite more people than you would indoors. You could also choose to obtain gender reveal fireworks online which can help you to share your news with your guests, and mean that you don’t need to keep going out shopping. When in the later stages of pregnancy, not needing to keep going out to purchase items can be quite a welcome relief.

Food options

You may want to offer your guests something to eat while they’re at your gender reveal. Your kitchen or dining room may not be big enough to host a traditional sit-down meal, but a buffet could be a good option. This can allow people to pick and choose what they want, and the use of a table, or cutlery, may not be as important. Hosting a buffet may also allow you to utilise both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home, as your guests could collect their food inside, and then move outside to eat, or choose to remain indoors. You might want to think about the food you provide, especially since some of it might be off-limits during pregnancy. Keeping things simple can help you to not over-exert yourself, still enjoy the occasion, and have a suitable amount of food available for the space it will reside in.

Host your party online

If space really is an issue, you may instead want to think about having a digital gender reveal party. This can involve guests connecting to a video call where games can be played. Although this may not be the same as hosting a party in person, it can allow you to share your good news with loved ones without having to keep the guest list too small. Some family members or friends may also live too far away to be able to attend an event for a few hours, so this could help your party to be that much more inclusive. Likewise, it also means that those with disabilities may be more able to attend.

A small home doesn’t mean you can’t have celebrations. There can be a number of ways you can host a gender reveal party from the comfort of your home without things feeling claustrophobic. At times, this may even mean you are the only ones physically present for the party. Ultimately, you may want to consider doing what feels best for yourself and your family.

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